Literary Submissions (currently closed)

Thank you for your interest in having me represent your writing career!

I am currently CLOSED to submission. I am open to referrals and those from conferences I attend. To be informed of when I’m open, you can subscribe to my blog 🙂 there’s also a handy dandy blog post about what I like.
To check out the current talent that I’m lucky enough to have on my team, see my Literary Clients Page.

Keep creating and thanks again for thinking of me!
Kaitlyn Leann Sanchez

When I am open to submissions, here is my Manuscript Wishlist:

(This is a list to help guide, but you never know what I’ll fall in love with!)

***Note: I mainly represent Kidlit authors and author-illustrators. That includes board books, picture books, chapter books, middle-grade novels, and young adult novels. Please do not send me adult books at this time.***

For picture books, I am looking to represent the following (but you never know what might catch my fancy!)

  • Fiction: STEM/STEAM, humor, magical realism, rhyme, diversity, creative ways of looking at normal things, tear-jerkers, and I always love a sweet/sentimental story, too.
  • Nonfiction: STEM/STEAM, historical (biographies rock but make sure they have a super creative hook and/or are about an underrepresented person).

***Note: for rhyme, please make sure you have rockin’ rhythm. If you’re not sure what that means, check out the rhyme resources on my Resources page.***
I would also LOVE to represent a great chapter book series, especially if it’s in graphic novel format and/or with great characters.

For middle-grade and young adult
I enjoy character-driven coming of age stories, mysteries, historical fiction, and dramas, especially with great friendships, and of course I always love diversity. I would definitely consider books in verse as well in this category, but again, you never know what will strike my fancy.

Instructions for Submissions:

Please send an email with both the word “Query” and the Genre (PB, CB, MG, YA) somewhere in the subject line and include the following to (will be here when I’m open):

For picture books:

  • Include a query that contains pitch, genre, word count, and bio.
  • In the body of the email, below the query, please paste the entire manuscript. *Note: for fictional picture books, word count should generally be around 500 words, for nonfiction, it should generally be no more than 2000 words
  • For author-illustrators, if possible, please send a link to a WeTransfer or Dropbox file to your dummy

For novels (including CB, MG, YA):

  • Include a query that contains pitch, synopsis, genre, word count, and bio.
  • In the body of the email, below the query, please paste the first 5 pages of the manuscript.

Please only send one. If you have other works, you may mention this in your query.
All queries should receive an email that confirms receipt within 24 hours. If you do not receive notification within 24 hours, feel free to send a query via my contact form. To ensure the automatic reply comes to you, pleaes make sure the word “Query” is separate from all other punctuation and words.
***Note I strive to respond to all queries when I’m open to submissions. If you don’t hear from me within 12 weeks, please follow up with a kind nudge by replying to the original email you sent.***
Thank you for sharing your work with me; I look forward to reading it!
Kaitlyn Leann Sanchez