Magic Endures

I’m so excited to share my first kidlit Halloween story, inspired by the 8th Annual Halloweensie Writing Contest

A big thank you to the remarkable Susanna Hill for hosting this Halloween writing contest that really got my writer juices flowing and my creativity moving in a totally unexpected direction.

The rules: Create a Halloween story for kids twelve and under that is less than 100 words AND must include the words: howl, cauldron, and shiver (any form of the word will do).

Here’s my first (drum roll, please…)!

Magic Endures

The last orange leaf clung to the tree.

A witch sat below, crying into her cauldron, “I’ve tried everything!” Still, the last of the fire trees would soon be extinct.

That night, the witch wailed as howling winds assaulted the tree.

The shivering leaf held fast, until…snap!

It landed softly in the cauldron below.

A bolt of lightning struck the potion. Bubbling oranges, reds, and yellows erupted from the cauldron, covering the ground with liquid fire. Full-grown trees burst from the ground.

The witch lifted her gaze upon her forest reborn.

The magic of All Hallows’ Eve endured.

12 thoughts on “Magic Endures

  1. It’s a good idea to link Halloween to the season — I believe the festival was originally for the purpose of turning the seasons, so you’ve got a deep historical link here!


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