FAQs Fall Writing Frenzy

Where do I submit my Entry?

It will be a blog post on Lydia’s website on October 1st. Here it is for 2022: https://lydialukidis.wordpress.com/2022/10/01/fall-writing-frenzy-entry-form-2022/

Where do I find the rules?

The rules are posted on Lydia’s blog this year: https://lydialukidis.wordpress.com/fallwritingfrenzy-2022-rules/

Do you have any samples and where can I find the winning entries?

Of course! Sharing stories is the best! Here’s Kaitlyn’s samples from 2019 and Kaitlyn’s sample from 2020

And here’s the Winners from 2019 and Winners from 2020.

Bonus: you can find out Fall Writing Frenzy Analysis here: https://kaitlynleannsanchez.com/category/analysis-fall-writing-frenzy-2020/

How was the Fall Writing Frenzy Created?
Kaitlyn saw a fun picture posted by SCBWI British Isles on Twitter. It inspired her to write a quick, little rhyme. When she was done, it immediately reminded of the previous contest she hosted with Ciara O’Neal. “I had fun being inspired by a photo,” she thought. “I bet others would bee too!” So, she sent some messages to some writer friends to see if they would donate prizes andβ€”wowβ€”did they ever! Kaitlyn absolutely loves the enthusiasm and generosity of the kidlit writing community. Want to read the full story? Check it out here!

What’s the goal of the contest?

To give writers a creative outlet, allow them to win awesome prizes, and connect more people in the writing community. We’ve been so proud to see many of our winners have found agents and received book deals as a direct result of the contest as well! It’s the best!

Is my submission piece the one that will be critiqued as my prize?

That’s up to you! The writing you do in the contest is how you are selected to win a prize. If you win, what you send to the prize donor to be critiqued is up to you (as long as it falls within the purview of the prize, so make sure “select all” possible prize levels you could want when entering.)

What do you mean “include my link” for my entry?

We’d love, love, LOVE for everyone to post their #FallWritingFrenzy entry on their own blog and submit the link to our contest. That way, it encourages writers to get their website going and hopefully brings new readers (and maybe even subscribers) to your blog! We want this to help everyone grow in as many ways as possible, and community-building is one of our top priorities. This was inspired by the phenomenal Susanna Hill.

What if I don’t have a blog?

This is a great motivator to start one! But also, if you don’t have a blog, you can put your entry in the form for us and then also paste it in the comments area on the contest entry blog post so others can read and comment and you can meet new people!

Why can’t I find my story in the comments section?

You have to paste it in the comments for it to appear in the comments. We have you submit your full story to the form so we have all the stories in one place to read from, but we hide them on the live form because there’s no way to interact on the form. If you don’t have a blog, then you can scroll down to the bottom of the page and paste your story there to interact with the wonderful writing community if you want πŸ™‚

How do I get the correct blog link for my entry?

When you’re the host of your site, the link can be different. Post, then view as a visitor and copy that url πŸ™‚

Can I include the image in my blog post for my entry?

Of course, just please make sure to credit the photo properly πŸ™‚

What information will I need for the entry form?

  • Name
  • Email (hidden from public)
  • Twitter handle if you have one
  • Title of your entry
  • Image number that inspired your entry
  • Link to your entry (if posted on your blog)
  • Full text of your entry pasted, with title, in the form (hidden from public)
  • Word count (must be 200 words or less including art notes)
  • Select all age levels you’d like for your critique if you’re selected as a winner (i.e. if you win, no matter the age level of your entry, which age level will you want to get a critique of 5-10 pages of?) (hidden from public)
  • Optional: please share if you’re an ownvoices or BIPOC writer (hidden from public)

Can other writers see my contact info from the entry submission form?

Yes and no. A big part of the contest is to bring writers together, so Twitter handles will be shared, but your email will not be shown. See the above question for which parts will not be shown to the public.

Can I add back matter?

No and yes. Not for the entry (unless it fits within the 200 words though you can include definitions for foreign words that everyone may not know and that will not apply to your word count, but otherwise, not in the entry), but if you’re posting on your website, feel free to add anything you want around your entry!

How do I read other entries?

The entries will be included on the entries blog post, which will be available starting October 1st. Entries should auto-populate with the link to the entry once submitted, you may have to scroll down in your browser and over to the right to see the link. If there is no link and it says see comments, then scroll down to the bottom of the page to find comments. If you’re having issues with comments, see the question below.

Where is the comments area on the blog post?

Sometimes WordPress seems to hide them. It’s a fun game that it likes to play. If they don’t appear at the bottom of the post, the trick that works for me is to click “Like the post” and usually a blue link pops up asking, “Would you like to comment?” Then if you comment, it will let you see the other comments. See, fun game? πŸ˜†

Another option is to look to one side or the other if it asks about other comments, click on those and the rest may magically appear!

You can also try creating a WordPress account then try commenting. If you have a WordPress account, logout and login and try commenting.

Finally, try commenting from another device πŸ™‚

Should my comment appear immediately?

Sometimes. In other cases, it could take up to 24 hours.

There are SO many comments, how do I find a particular piece?

You can use your “find” or “search” feature in your browser to search by title. If you’re not sure how to do this do an internet search for “search on __ browser.”

Do I get to choose my prize?

This contest is set up so the donors select the winner. We have you select the level and type of prize to make sure you’d get something you would want, so make sure to select all the levels of critique you may want to submit.

Can agented writers participate in the contest?

Not at this time. The contest is for un-agented writers to help them grow, learn, and make new connections.

Can I use art notes?

Sure, but every word counts towards the 200-word limit (except the title, of course!)

Can I use more than one image from the list to inspire my story?

Of course! Being extra creative is what this contest is all about! Just make sure to credit the photographers if you lost the picture.

Where do I get my participant badge?

On the rules page: https://lydialukidis.wordpress.com/fallwritingfrenzy-2022-rules/

How do I get more involved?

Read other entries and comment and share. Tweet about the fun you’re having and encourage others to participate too. Please, please, please support our generous donors by checking out their websites, services, buying or borrowing their books or their clients’ or author’s books, request them from your library, reviewing them and sharing all about them!

If you have other questions, feel tweet them at Kaitlyn or Lydia on Twitter (@KaitlynLeann17 or @LydiaLukidis).

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