The Picture

Here’s my last Halloween story for Susanna Hill’s Halloweensie competition.

If you didn’t get to the first post, the rules are: Create a Halloween story for kids twelve and under that is less than 100 words AND must include the words: howl, cauldron, and shiver (any form of the word will do).


By Kaitlyn Leann Sanchez

Every year the pizza parlor puts on a Halloween Cup. The winning soccer team gets their picture on the wall!

I HAVE to have my picture on that wall! But, our team usually chases butterflies during the game. We’re never gonna win…

I know!

I pull out the cauldron that came with my costume.

A sharp wind howls when I sprinkle the potion onto my teammates. They shiver.

As the photographer takes the other team’s picture, I kick the grass.

I guess it takes more than a potion to win…Maybe our team should start—Hey look! A butterfly! Gotta go!

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