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Hey all,

I’m participating in a reflective writing program called 12 Days of Christmas for Writers by the generous Julie Foster Hedlund. Yesterday’s prompt was to write a story based on some very cool ideas. I chose the random sentence generator (which I had no idea existed, did you?!)

Before you read the story, if you haven’t read my previous post—Interview with Ruth Spiro—make sure to comment on it to get into the drawing for a signed copy of Baby Loves Quarks! The winner will be selected tomorrow 😊

Without further ado. Here is the story inspired by the randomly generated sentence: “She was too short to see over the fence.”


She was too short to see over the fence. But that never stopped Wendy.

Erg! Ugh!

Huff! Puff!

Her makeshift steps were complete.

She smiled as she rubbed her hands together and began to climb.

Oh! Uh!


What now? she thought. The show is starting. I have to see it!

A Firefly buzzed over Wendy’s head. Then another. And another.

Oh no! I’m going to miss it!

She ran up and down the fence, Maybe there’s a peek hole!

Eee! Whoa!

Thud! Clunk!

She tripped over a shovel and began tearing at the earth.

Scrape! Scratch!

Plop! Plunk!

Finally, light glowed through Wendy’s tunnel under the fence. It was exactly her size. As she bent down…

the light faded and disappeared. The hole was engulfed in darkness.



She missed the show.


“Wendy, it’s darker than yer granddaddy’s coffee,” her mom called. “Come inside darlin'”

Wendy wiped her tears and trudged to the door.

In her room, she pulled out her paints and brushes.

Glop! Gloop!

Swish! Swoop!

She stepped away from her wall just as her mom walked in and gasped. “Darlin’, what IS that?”

“The most beautiful thing that I didn’t get to see.”

If ya didn’t see it, darlin’, how in the world didya paint it?”

“It’s what I imagined it would be.”

The end.

As always, we wonder, where is the math? Well, I wasn’t actually thinking about math here, just went where the story took me, but using a little analysis and reflection we can always connect with math.

There are many countable things here. Wendy’s attempts at achieving her goal, the number of fireflies that flew over, the amount of onomatopoeia used in the story. But the biggest thing I like about this is the reminder that there is so much math in art.

Some people have a natural ability to paint or draw where the angles and lines just come without thought, but that just means their math ability to understand proportion and calculate angles is also natural because math is inextricably a part of art.

Here’s a few links if you’re interested in art and math:

American Mathematical Society

Teaching Math through comics

The Mathematics of Art

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