“I Can” my #50PreciousWords Story

As you all know, I LOVE writing contests! This one is put on by the amazing Vivian Kirkfield, an author who is debuting her picture books this year!

The contest: write a story for kids 12 and under in just 50 words! Yup, that’s right ,just 50, 5-0, five tens, ten fives!

Without further ado, here’s my story, written in 7-squared words:

Dancer in front of Eifel tower

I can

By Kaitlyn Leann Sanchez

Arabesque! Jeté! Pirouette!

I want to dance,


I’m not good enough…

Sally’s feet are flexible.

Timmy’s spins are superb.

Then there’s me.

Totter, slip, fall.

I try again.

Totter, slip, land.

And again…

Totter, balance, land.

Then again…

Développé, balance, land!

I can be a dancer.

With practice.

The end.

Male dancer leaping

As always we ask, where’s the math? EVERYWHERE!

The number of times the main character tries, the amount of ballet terms used, the infinite pride this dancer has in herself for not giving up even when it got hard.

I hope you enjoyed. If you did, consider checking out the other entries here or even writing and posting one yourself!

23 thoughts on ““I Can” my #50PreciousWords Story

  1. I love the perseverance of your narrator, and I appreciate the heads up about the contest! There is no specific theme, right?

    Good luck!

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  2. This is fantastic! 50 words is such a challenge!
    I haven’t been writing anything new with the book launch. I’ve done a few revisions and a query letter. Maybe I’ll give it a try.


  3. Hi Kaitlyn, I could feel the movement in the poem. The way you used the word ‘totter’ actually gave it balance. And I like how you hid the math lesson in it.

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