Guest Post: Cindy Lurie’s Sample Spring Fling Writing Contest Entry

Hey all!

Another Spring Fling Writing Contest Update: My wonderful friend, Cindy Lurie, is one of the best rhymers/poets I know. She has graciously accepted my offer to be a guest judge for the Spring Fling Writing Contest. As such she created a story from a gif as a sample for our entrants.

Without further ado. Here is Cindy’s gif and 110-word story:

Sunshine for Emily

(110 words)

By Cindy Lurie


Emily sure missed the sun,

and decided that winter was done.

Though snow filled the sky,

she announced with a cry

“I want to have warm-weather fun!”


The sun now, still being quite shy,

exclaimed, “I will give it a try!”

He wiggled and squirmed,

then proudly affirmed

“I have taken command of the sky!”


Emily squealed with delight!

It had been quite a long winter fight.

Now, the sun had control,

and with Spring as his goal,

he shone dazzlingly, brilliantly bright.


Emily still wanted more.

She needed to tower and soar!

So, the sun being wise

scooped her up to the skies,

where she dallied in sunshine galore!


I hope this gives you inspiration, especially if you’re a rhymer/poet! Can’t wait to read all your stories!


Kaitlyn Leann Sanchez

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