Back to School and Back to Writing

WHAAAT?! Summer break is over?!

For me it is. And for some of you lucky ducks still laying out by the pool (yeah, I see you splashing over there!), it will be soon. So let’s talk about new beginnings.

As a teacher, each new year presents its own new excitements and challenges. You have new minds to mold and new ideas about how to teach, just like when you finish a manuscript, and you’re on to the next one: you have new concepts to mold and new ideas about how to write them.

Often, the beginning of the school year is a mixture of sadness (bye bye summertime fun with family and friends), excitement (a new beginning, a new group of students to learn what you’re passionate about), and sometimes, at least for me, apprehension (wondering if this year will be a good one).

When you’re a writer, a new idea is similar.

You might be sad, missing the last idea (I mean, you guys did do pretty well together—que secret handshake between you and your manuscript…NICE!).

You’re definitely excited (“This is the best ideas EVERRR!”).

And, there’s often some apprehension (“Can I do this?”).

Either way, there will probably be unexpected curve balls.

A kid might test their limits, and you have to call home. Your story idea might test your boundaries, and you have to call on critique partners.

Your technology might not work, and you might have to improvise on your favorite lesson. Your story structure might not fit, and you have to change it up.

BUT out of these challenges, beautiful things can arise.

You might learn about the student’s life, and help him/her overcome something difficult. Your story might take a CRAZY-AWESOME turn, and then you write a fun social media post about how amazing your critique partners are.

You might find a better way to teach that lesson because your tech went out. Your story structure might create a whole new perspective in your story, or (come on, we can dream folks!) you could start a whole new fad in your genre!

So, ready or not, here it comes! A new school year, a new story idea.

Are you going to make this year the best you can? Will you learn and grow from challenges?

Good. Because that’s all you can do: you’re best!

Let’s keep cheering each other on and helping each other get through the tough times.

Finally, remember to be kind. A simple smile in the hallway, a quick “Hey, cool shirt!”, a simple, “Cool idea!” on a manuscript, a quick “Loved this part!” in a critique, can change someone’s day, week, month, year, even their life.

Let’s celebrate the beginning of the school year and /or the start of a writing idea!

Share in the comments below what you’re excited or apprehensive about this year. Or, share your goals for teaching and/or writing.

CHEERS! To a good school year, and a good writing year. Let’s do this!

Here are some great resources for writers and teachers:

Kate Messner’s Teachers Write filled with studies and discussions about children’s books

Ciara O’Neal’s elementary teaching resources and fun author interviews

Lynne Marie’s children’s books and phenomenal writing critique services

Tara Lazar’s awesome books and her STORYSTORM writing idea-creating contest

My favorite new book for all elementary classrooms to teach math and self-acceptance, from one of my AMAZING critique partners Amanda Jackson: MY SHAPE IS SAM is coming out next month. Pre-order today and stay tuned for an author interview coming soon!

Want more resources for writers? Check out my Resources page.

Do you have other awesome resources? Put ’em in the comments for others to find😍

6 thoughts on “Back to School and Back to Writing

  1. I always get a little sad towards the end of summer ! I’ll miss the beach…the free time! Thankfully we have certain routineS (like karate) to keep us in the practice of having a routine in order to be ready for the school year ! Third grade for my son! Next year both of them will be in school !

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    1. Love it! Karate is do great to, teaching such respect and building that core. Third grade was my favorite, AND it’s the year my teacher inspired me to be a teacher..I hope your son has a blast, and I know you’ll be there for him when he needs a little boost. Cheers, my friend!

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