How to make more of your time, stay active, and still get writing in

Hey MathIsEverywhere Readers! I know many of you are like me in that you already have a FULL plate and now you’ve added writing to it. It’s amazing, it’s awesome, it’s tiring.

When you have full time duties (stay at home mom or dad, job, dishes, cooking, errands, etc.) AND you write in your spare time, there comes a point when you realize I haven’t worked out in…uh…let me see…abouuuuut…a long time!😆

I usually play in a rec soccer league on Sunday nights, but I’m taking a break from that right now. The league has gotten a bit more focused on competitiveness and less focused on the fun, and I’ve had way too many teammates get hurt, including myself, though my i injuries miiiight have been my own fault lol. Anyways…last night noticed my breathing is a biiiit more shallow and my muscles have a little less tone, so thought I’d share some tips on how to double up, get writing and exercising done at the same time, something, I definitely need to get back to myself.

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Okay, here we go: tried and true, tested and reviewed ways to keep up with your exercise regimen and still get writing time in:

Tip 1 –Use your workout time to get away.

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You heard me. Step away from the writing! For creatives, taking a break is so important, just like when working out, you need some time to recover. Recommendations: running, yoga, weights, old hilarious workout video tapes and a step! 

Tip 2 Use your work out for brainstorming.

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When your blood is pumping and endorphins spinning, you brain has a whole new perspective! Let your brain relax and take you to awesome new stories

Tip 3 – Use your workout time for craft videos.

I did this with Renee LaTulipe’s Rhyme and Meter Clinic. I hopped on my elliptical, pushed play, and didn’t stop watching even through my cool down stretching. There are also great videos through YouTube subscriptions, like Bookend Literary Agency’s , videos for those in Storyteller Academy, I hear awesome videos are in 12×12 too, and some amazing podcasts, like Unplugged by Charlesbridge and one of my favorites that’s not writing related, but so interesting and can probably give you great story ideas: But Why: A Podcast for Curious Kids.

Tip 4 – Write.

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I know I know, you’re thinking Kaitlyn, how do I write when I’m working out? Well…I’m here to tell you, it’s totally possible! If you have your phone and an workout machine like an elliptical or treadmill or stationary bike at your disposal, you can type on your phone.

“But do these really work?” you ask. Of course! All of these are tried and true Kaitlyn tested and approved!😊

I’d love to hear in the comments how you stay active while still making time to write. Please also share your favorite YouTube, craft videos, or podcasts you listen to, so I can add them to my list! 

Happy writing AND exercising!

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10 thoughts on “How to make more of your time, stay active, and still get writing in

    1. What?!? Dislike…exercise..? These words do not compute. Lol jk my best friend claimed she didn’t either and now she’s a Zumba instructor lol WAY more fit than I am. You get yoir multitasking on, my friend! What podcasts or YouTube channels or craft videos do you like? I’m looking for recommendations


  1. I love walking in all seasons. I find inspiration everywhere; from a turquoise tire swing to painted rocks. And you can take note of ideas on your phone. The things you can do with technology.

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