Writing Successes 2019

Hey all,

I can’t believe 2019 is almost over. It’s been a crazy and awesome year. I’m currently participating in Julie Hedlund’s end of the year reflection called 12 Days of Christmas for Writers. In it, she challenges us to make a list of our writing successes and share it on our blogs, so here goes nothin’:

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  • Signed my first book contract 
  • Became represented by an amazing literary agent Rebecca Angus at Golden Wheat Literary
  • Changed my bio to say “author”
  • Went on submission for the first time with my agent
  • Co-created the Spring Fling Writing Contest with one of my critique partners Ciara O’Neal and we had over 40 wonderful participants
  • Created the Fall Writing Frenzy on a lark and got so many generous donors donors from the writing community and the wonderful Lydia Lukidis and Jolene Gutierrez helped me make it awesome for the over 150 participants
  • Earned an Honorable Mention from Diana Murray for Tara Luebbe’s Writing with the Stars
  • Participated in 12 Days, Storystorm, NaPiBoWriWee, and Teacher’s Write
  • Was a Finalist for Picture Book Party and got an editor’s interest, got likes from Twitter Pitch events
  • Became a literary intern at Olswanger Literary
  • Made many new connections with writers
  • Created new Critique Groups, including an in person one, and was invited into others 
  • Competed in Writing Contests, and got an Honorable Mention in #50PreciousWords, thanks Vivian Kirkfield!
  • Amped up my blog with more interviews and writing
  • Built my platform on my blog, Twitter, and Facebook
  • Found balance between work, writing, family, and internship
  • I met a CP in person (and she introduced me to Vietnamese food–so delicious!) thanks Katie!
  • Participated in Picture Book Palooza by Children’s Book Academy and Black Friday Boot Camp by Storyteller Academy
  • Got a Black Friday Boot Camp conference membership donated to me by a friend who knew I wanted to go but couldn’t afford it
  • Started logging information about the books I’m reading to refer to later
  • Spent TONS of time at the library and made such great friend in the wonderful librarians
  • Began listening to audio books for commutes; now I do that more often than watching TV shows when I get home
  • Began reading graphic novels, middle grade, and chapter books
  • Made more of an effort to review books on Goodreads and Amazon
  • Learned how to make blog posts even better with images and connections to social media
  • Joined the Authors Posse
  • Won books and critiques from blogs and twitter contests (and donated a query critique to a CP)
  • Tried writing in different styles for my picture books (parallel, how to, and unreliable narrator)
  • Started making dummies to see what my picture books would be like–really helps with word count cutting, thanks Tara Lazar and Debbie Ohi
  • Came up with many new story ideas


If you’re a writer, I’d love to hear about your successes and if you’re interested in Julie Hedlund’s Reflection, it’s not too late, come join us!

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24 thoughts on “Writing Successes 2019

  1. Love all your successes. And this post. I used it start my calendar for the year of all the “extras” I want to do. I have to remember that writing and editing come first, though. That’s my kryptonite. I start reading blog posts and entering new things and forget to go back to my other writing. But here’s to a new year and renewed energy!

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  2. What an amazing list! Thanks for sharing it because it allowed me to consider things in terms of successful accomplishments instead of the endless to-do lists that always have one or two things I never got around to taking care of. Hope 2020 is even brighter for you.

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  3. A rather belated: Congratulations on such a successful year!! I hope 2020 will bring just as many wonderful things and more. I was certain that I was following your blog (how could I not??), but just realised I wasn’t. How odd. Anyway, I’ve now rectified the error ;-).

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