Cover Reveal, Interview, AND GIVEAWAY with Amy B. Mucha

Hi Math is Everywhere readers,
Today’s post is extra exciting because it’s the very first ever COVER REVEAL on the blog 🙌🙌 🙌
Amy B. Mucha is here to share her debut picture book’s rockin’ cover. And, she’s going to have some awesome giveaways too so say tuned till the end to win either a copy of the book OR a picture book critique!

author photo of Amy Mucha
A Girl’s Bill of Rights description

“I have the right to be bold, and mighty, and LOUD!”

In a world where little girls must learn to stand tall, A Girl’s Bill of Rights boldly declares the rights of every woman and girl: power, confidence, freedom, and consent. Author Amy B. Mucha and illustrator Addy Rivera Sonda present a diverse cast of characters standing up for themselves and proudly celebrating the joy and power of being a girl.

Kaitlyn: Amy, let’s jump right in, I have to know, what was your reaction when you finally got a glimpse of your book’s cover?
Amy: I have to admit, I was pretty nervous to find out who my publisher, Beaming Books, would pick to be the illustrator. Unpublished writers might not realize this, but picture book authors typically do not get any say in the matter. That can be pretty nerve-racking, but I needn’t have worried. The moment Beaming Books told me my illustrator was Addy Rivera Sonda, I cheered so loud I startled my pets. Her style exactly matches what I was hoping for. Then, when they sent me the sneak peak of my cover a month later, I danced all the way through my kitchen. Addy’s cover was even better than I’d hoped for! I truly could not be more thrilled.

Kaitlyn: I adore that so much! Pet-startling, kitchen-dancing happiness is the best! Without giving the whole cover away, can you tell us your favorite part(s) of the cover?
Amy: This is easy, my favorite part is that fabulous girl who is front and center. I love her powerful stance, her confidence, her joyful energy, her adorable rainbow shirt, and that marvelous megaphone!

Kaitlyn: You’re so right. She does look fabulous! Now for the anticipation fun. Give us three hints so we can guess what the cover looks like.
Hint 1: A palette of soft and bright blues, yellows, and pinks
Hint 2: A background subtly reminiscent of patriotic stars and fireworks, but drawn with a feminine, pretty touch
Hint 3: An overall feeling that is both bold and sweet

Ok, readers, are you ready?


Wait for it…

Almost there…


Cover of A Girl's Bill of Rights
Here’s the cover of Amy B. Mucha’s girl power book A Girl’s Bill of Rights

Kaitlyn: That was so exciting! I just adore this strong cover, especially that this girl is loud and proud with her megaphone, is this a hint about something inside the book or more of an overall feel of this powerful book?
Amy: Thank you! And yes, Addy Rivera Sonda definitely has a gift for channeling the essence of a manuscript into her illustrations. I’d say the fun, assertive energy you get from the cover is exactly what you’ll find inside.

Kaitlyn: That’s the dream: an illustrator that makes your story come to life. Can you share how this wonderful story came to be?
Amy: I feel a bit sheepish admitting this, but I wrote the original version of this book all for myself. People might guess that it was inspired by the recent #metoo movement, but it was actually written years before. This was a pure case of “teach what you need to learn.” Like so many other women my age, I grew up believing that pleasing others is paramount, so I learned from a young age to contort myself to make other people comfortable. One day I got so fed up with my lack of assertiveness, I sat down and wrote a declaration of rights, hoping that it could help counter some of that early conditioning I experienced growing up. I believe that words have power, and sometimes even a kind of magic, all the more so when they take the form of a declaration or a vow made from the heart. I’ve carried these words in my own heart ever since I wrote them, and I’m thrilled that I get to share them now with others.

Kaitlyn: That is so beautiful and pure that you wrote it to empower yourself and now it’s going to empower others. What do you hope for this book?
Amy: It is my hope that this book helps girls everywhere to hold strong against the messages they might be receiving that their primary job is to be agreeable, likeable, and accommodating. It is certainly wonderful to be kind and nice, but not when it comes at the cost of being yourself and speaking your truth. I would love for this book to embolden all girls to stand up, speak out, and declare their rights!

Spread of bold and loud part of book

Kaitlyn: Yes! This book definitely sounds like it’s going to be an instant favorite for so many girls. Would you like to share a bit about your journey with publishing this book?
Amy: It’s funny, this is the first of my books to be published, and yet it’s one I never even queried! I kept hearing that agents and editors want picture books with plots, main characters, and a clear narrative, and that “concept” books were deadly hard to sell, so I didn’t bother trying. Then I learned about the #PitMad events on Twitter, and thought, “why not?” I turned to picture book pitch wizard Katie Frawley ( for help with the pitch, and it worked! Naomi Krueger of Beaming Books gave it a “like” at the PitMad event last June, and by the end of the summer I received a formal offer.

Kaitlyn: Wow, that’s amazing–and so fast for this industry! Super congrats! What advice do you have for writers?
Amy: Join a good critique group! I cannot emphasize enough how crucial it is to get regular, reliable feedback from supportive and knowledgeable people. I am lucky to have the most fabulous critique group in the world, and would be in absolute nowheresville without them.
Kaitlyn: So true, we all need our village! Finally, if you could spend the day with your favorite author, would you rather go outside and fly a kite or sit by a fire with tea?
Amy: I love this question! I’m more of a tea person myself, but the windswept moors surrounding Charlotte Bronte’s parsonage in Haworth, England are home to a bird of prey called the red kite, so I propose we start out with some red kite flying, then once we enjoy a good brisk walk we can go warm up with tea by the fire afterwards. Heaven!

Kaitlyn: Heaven, for sure, please bring me along! Thank you so much for joining me today on the Math is Everywhere blog and for sharing your gorgeous cover with us! I can’t wait to get a copy for my daughter!
Amy: Thank you Kaitlyn! It’s an honor to be here, especially as my husband is a math professor. Needless to say, we’re both fans of yours!

Kaitlyn: Well you just made my day even more!
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To connect with Addy Rivera Sonda

Okay readers, ready to get in on the giveaway???
Three ways to enter the random drawing (each one counts as an extra entry)

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I hope you all enjoyed this cover reveal; it was so exciting for me! And make sure to review any books that you read; it’s so helpful to authors and the people deciding if they want to buy them or not.

Thanks for reading!


Kaitlyn Leann

41 thoughts on “Cover Reveal, Interview, AND GIVEAWAY with Amy B. Mucha

  1. I just HAD to pre-order this after reading this interview, Kaitlyn. Wow, what an empowering, important book. I can’t wait to get it and share it with all the people I know (big and little). Thank you for an inspiring post!

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  2. I love the cover, Amy! Empowering girls is so important. I didn’t feel that way when I was growing up in a different age. Thank you for sharing, Kaitlyn.

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