Announcement: Spring Fling Kidlit Contest Dates 2020

Hey Everyone,

If you’re like me, you’re shivering in the cold these days.

women with gloves in snow
Photo by Gantas Vaičiulėnas on

Yep, I’m in California.

Nope, it doesn’t often get much colder than 30 degrees.

Yep, I still think it’s freezing.

But NOT TO FEAR! Spring is on it’s way, which means the #SpringFlingKidlit contest is on the horizon!

path with blossoms on both sides
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Submissions will be accepted from April 7-9, 2020 until midnight CST on the wonderful Ciara O’Neal’s blog, so if you’re not yet subscribed here or on Ciara’s blog, hop on that!

bunny rabbit alert
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Want to find out more? Check out our Spring Fling Kidlit Contest webpage from last year. All the rules will be the same, BUT there will be a surprise category for artists (announced here on Feb 3rd!) , too! And, of course, the prizes will be different. We’ll reveal those prizes (and the new artist category) in fun posts as we get closer to April (check out all the prize donors here more to be revealed soon) so make sure to subscribe to my blog as well as Ciara’s blog–especially Ciara’s blog because that’s where submissions will be posted!

We can’t wait for the spring to emerge from the winter and read all your lovely stories and see all your inspiring gifs!

Also, don’t forget Susanna Hill’s Valentiny Contest is next month and Vivian Kirkfield’s #50PreciousWords is in March!

Please share on Twitter, share on Facebook, share on Instagram, share with your critique partners, and let’s rock this spring gif style!


Kaitlyn Leann Sanchez

PS. don’t forget to come back next Friday for Multicultural Children’s Book Day #ReadYourWorld review post; it’s going to blow your mind! AND if you haven’t signed up yet, go here to register for the giveaways on 1/31/20

PPS. Please make sure to check out and SUBSCRIBE to Renee LaTulippe’s Peek & Critique. You’ll learn a ton about writing and have a blast!

43 thoughts on “Announcement: Spring Fling Kidlit Contest Dates 2020

  1. Thanks for the info on the contests, Kaitlyn. I also hopped over to “Peek & Critique” and there was your submission! It is awesome! I’d love to know how the story ends. You are one talented poet!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re welcome. I hope you enter, Pamela, I bet your story will be wonderful! Thank you for checking out Peek & Critique, isn’t Renee the best? I learned most of my rhythm and meter ideas from her videos! Did you subscribe? And thank you for saying I”m a talented poet: the adolescent me is going “YES!” okay…adult me is too. Thank you so much 🙂


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