Author-Illustrator SURPRISE for the Spring Fling Kidlit Contest

Hi Math is Everywhere readers and Spring Fling participants!

Ciara and I just adore our author-illustrator friends, so we decided to create a special category for this year’s Spring Fling Kidlit Contest just for author-illustrators!


colorful art
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Are you ready?

girl thinking
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Are you excited?

man with excited expression
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Is that a drum roll I hear?

drum set in spotlights
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The newest category for the Spring Fling Writing Contest is….

woman throwing confetti
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Create Your Own GIF!

That’s right, if you’re an author-illustrator, you get to create your own gif! And write about it!


written "create"
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We’re going to have a whole separate category for these special entries! Make sure to keep it spring-themed and kid appropriate (and, of course, use your own original art) then let your creativity blossom 😉

For those of you who are author-illustrators, but don’t want to create your own gif, you can enter your writing piece just like last year.


If you’ve never made your own gif and you want to try it out, here’s some tutorials: (second half of the page) 


If you find better resources, please share them by commenting on this post, and I’ll make sure to edit the post to include them 🙂 If you have any other question, comments, general excitement, please share in the comments below!


If you haven’t subscribed to this blog or Ciara’s blog, make sure to do so soon! The prize donor annoucements will all be on here on the Math is Everywhere blog, and all the entries will be posted on Ciara’s site!


I hope you're getting as excited as we are!



Your Spring Fling Kidlit Hosts,

Kaitlyn and Ciara

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