Prize Donor Feature, Lydia Lukidis, Spring Fling Kidlit 2020

Hi Math is Everywhere Readers and Spring Fling Kidlit Contest hopefuls!
Today, for our fifth Prize Donor Feature for 2020’s Spring Fling Kidlit Contest, we have prolific author and my co-host for the Fall Writing Frenzy…

🎉Lydia Lukidis🎉

head shot of lydia
Lydia Lukidis

Lydia is offering a picture book manuscript critique

We asked Lydia some spring-themed questions, and here are her responses:

  • What is your favorite thing about spring?

I am obsessed with the smell of lilacs, which bloom in May. I used to have a lilac tree in front of my house, and I would literally stand there, just smelling it, in total ecstasy. They don’t bloom for too long, so it makes you appreciate it even more.

  • Spring is full of surprises bursting forth, what’s something you’ve found surprising about the publishing industry?

I used to be surprised at how generous and open the kidlit community was, but now I’m used to it, and grateful as ever! I try to return the favor when I can, and always respond when someone asks for help. What goes around comes around!

  • Can you tell us a bit about your current book(s) or any book(s) you are working on?

I currently have my fiction picture book NO Bears Allowed and also my STEM book The Broken Bees’ Nest which was nominated for a CYBILS Award for sale.

rabbit on cove of no bears allowed book

people looking at bees' nest

I’m currently working on a slew of nonfiction books (PB and MG).

Lydia Lukidis is a children’s author with a multi-disciplinary background that spans the fields of literature, science and puppetry. So far, she has 40 books and eBooks published, as well as over 30 educational books. Her latest STEM book The Broken Bees’ Nest was nominated for a CYBILS Award.
Lydia is also passionate about spreading the love of literacy and has been giving writing workshops in elementary schools across Quebec since 1999.


Lydia is one of the 18 wonderful prize donors for the Spring Fling Kidlit Contest 2020, make sure to follow her on social media, read her books, and review them to show your support! And get gif-searching or creating!

Tell us in the comments your favorite Lydia Lukidis book. Can’t think of a favorite? Tell us your first Lydia Lukidis book, or the one you’re most looking forward to!


Kaitlyn and Ciara

PS. If you need more info on the Spring Fling Kidlit Contest, check here and make sure to share with all your writing friends!

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