Spring Fling Kidlit Update Twitter Chats

Hi Spring Fling Kidlit Participants,

path with blossoms on both sides
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Ciara and I are really enjoying all your phenomenal stories, thank you so much for sharing them with us and connecting with each other!

If you want some extra fun while we read through the entries, we’re having Craft Chats, Writing Exercises, and Prize Donor Trivia on Twitter under the hashtag #SpringFlingKidlit. If you haven’t done Twitter Chats before, all you do is click on the hashtag or search it in Twitter search (you can also click  “top” or “latest” to see what’s happening).

If you want some insight into the donors, make sure to read the Prize Donor Features and make sure to support these wonderful people by following them on social media and reading and reviewing their books.

Here are some of the chats we’ve started so far, feel free to jump in now and share with your writing friends, whether they got a chance to enter into the contest or not.

We are so blown away by all the writing you’ve been doing during these tough times, and it sure has inspired me. I wasn’t writing for a while, and all your wonderful stories have helped inspire me to start writing down my ideas and even writing new drafts.

Let’s keep connecting, creating, and inspiring! Hope to chat soon 😉



Kaitlyn and Ciara


PS It’s Autism Awareness Month, if you haven’t entered to win a copy of Jen Malia’s Too Sticky! a beautiful picture book about slime and autism, make sure to check it out now!

2 thoughts on “Spring Fling Kidlit Update Twitter Chats

  1. I struggle with Twitter threads, LOL. I’m never sure whether I’m commenting on the right tweet, LOL. Am I a luddite, or what? Perhaps I should ask my son to help me. Something I’m sure he’d cringe at being asked, considering he’s of the age of cringing…I’ll keep trying!


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