Book Birthday Celebration and GIVEAWAY for SUPERHEROES DON’T BABYSIT by Amber Hendricks

Hi Math is Everywhere Readers,

Today is SUPER special because we’re celebrating Amber Henricks’ newest picture book that was released yesterday! And it’s about superheroes!!  

Note: this celebration was supposed to happen yesterday, but out of respect for #BlackoutTuesday, we postponed it.

Now put on your super hero masks and get ready for some fun to celebrate the release of Superheroes Don’t Babysit.

Like every good party, we have to start with a few icebreakers to get to know Amber!

Kaitlyn: Hi Amber, how did you get into writing for kids?

Amber: Hi, Kaitlyn! Thanks so much for having me on your amazing blog, today! What a great question. I grew up, surrounded by books, in a family of readers. My Grandmother even had her own used bookstore– complete with an entire section for comic books! Because reading has always been a part of my life, so have stories. My Grandmother’s bookstore was the first place I went to share a new idea and, together, we would dream of me one day becoming a published author. Funnily enough, when I decided to get serious about writing and pursuing publishing, it wasn’t for children’s books. After researching the industry, I quickly realized how difficult it was to write a great picture book. So I challenged myself to do just that! I thought if I could find success writing picture books, I could write anything. The joke was on me, though! I absolutely fell  in love with picture books and the kidlit community and have never looked back!

Kaitlyn: I love that you found where we belong in such an interesting way. Where did the inspiration for Superheroes Don’t Babysit come from?

Amber: I grew up in a big family (4 kids!) and there was always some kind of squabble happening. But when it counted, my siblings were there and I wanted to pay homage to that special (sometimes not-so-special!) relationship. Also, if you know me you know I love everything about superheroes!

Kaitlyn: Who doesn’t love a good superhero? Can you share how COVID-19 is affecting and not affecting this special book birthday for you?

Amber: I’m super (see what I did there?) introverted, so the idea of big public book launches scare the pants off me! I’m broken-hearted for all the authors and illustrators who’ve had to postpone or cancel events and applaud those brave enough to think outside the box!

One really cool thing I was excited to check off my author bucket list was signing copies of Superheroes Don’t Babysit at this years’ ALA Annual conference in Chicago. Although ALA is my favorite book conference and I was sad to miss the opportunity to meet so many amazing people, I completely understand and support the decision to cancel.

Kaitlyn: I’m so sorry you didn’t get to fulfill that dream, but so proud of the respect you have for the cancellation to protect people; you sound very much like your main character–very caring and also SUPER! Speaking of super, here’s the info for Amber’s book:


Book info:

superhero sister in mask looking at brother

Superheroes leap buildings, chase bad guys, and save the city from the evil Emperor Zog. Superheroes DON’T babysit. Except when their dad asks them to. In an epic battle of sibling rivalry, will this superhero finally meet her match? Or will she find exactly what she’s been missing all along?

In Superheroes Don’t Babysit, author Amber Hendricks tells a story full of humor and heart, and illustrator Kyle Reed’s superpowered illustrations pack a punch with their bold colors and sharp lines. This book is fun to look at and to read with siblings who consider themselves rivals or friends, or maybe something in between.

Continue the fun by transforming into a superhero with the Design Your Own Superhero Mask Activity Sheet!

To order your copy:


Kaitlyn: Alright let’s get to partying! Amber, can you share the awesome game?

Amber: Of course! 


Who hasn’t secretly dreamed of being a superhero? Ever wonder what your superhero name might be? Choose the words that correspond with the first letter of your first name and the month of your birth to discover your super-amazing-cosmic SUPERHERO name! 

What is your SUPERHERO name_

In my family we have Captain Storm (me), Primo Lightning (husband), Dark Shadow, (daughter), and Mighty Steel (son)!   I can’t wait to find out all of yours!

Kaitlyn: All right people, you heard the awesome author, pop those superhero names in the comments to help us celebrate Superheroes Don’t Babysit!

For even more fun, try to come up with a motto or catchphrase, then share on Twitter too and tag others to make it extra fun! And BONUS, if you share on twitter you will get an extra entry into a drawing for a picture book manuscript critique by Amber Hendricks!


Enter to win a super awesome picture book manuscript critique from Amber Hendricks: (each one is an extra entry)

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Amber Hendricks is the author of SOPHIE AND LITTLE STAR, Spork/Clearforkpub 2018, EXTRAORDINARY ORDINARY ELLA, Amicus Ink 2020, and SUPERHEROES DON’T BABYSIT, Beaming Books 2020


Find her on the web:

On Twitter: @ashayhen

On Facebook:


Thank you all for joining us to celebrate today! Remember if you’re able, support authors by buying their book, requesting your library carry it, review it, and share all about it!



Kaitlyn Sanchez


PS Have you heard about #KidlitZombieWeek that my critique group (6 Ladies and a MANuscript) is holding this month? Follow @6and_MANuscript to get the low-down on our event to help you revise your dead manuscripts.



28 thoughts on “Book Birthday Celebration and GIVEAWAY for SUPERHEROES DON’T BABYSIT by Amber Hendricks

  1. As a long-time babysitter & mom of 5, I’m really looking forward to reading this book! Thanks for the interview Kaitlyn & Amber! I’ve retweeted & put SUPERHEROES DON’T BABYSIT on my Goodreads “to read” list & requested it at my library.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Thanks Kaitlyn and Amber! I am definitely looking forward to this book. I added it to my Goodread list. My superhero name is Primo Torch, and my motto is “The eternal flame for justice!” Best of luck with your release!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This is Crimson Arrow saying that I love this book and as the oldest of five girls I was the babysitter so I can truly relate. My husband and boys are the following. Majestic Storm, Primo Storm, Primo Storm, Extraordinary Storm, and Speedy Arrow. Obviously we have June and December birthdays in this house. Ha-ha!


  4. Doesn’t get any better than …Majestic Reader!!! I requested the book at my library & added it to my wish list. Off to retweet. This book looks amazing.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Thanks for the great interview Kaitlyn. Congratulations Amber! Love hearing about childhood influences! Ah, the magic of grandmothers and bookstores! I look forward to reading your book and such a fun superhero game. I requested your book at my library in north Toronto. I will also retweet the post! Thanks Rosanna (Doom Sight)
    (Mum of Laser Shadow,
    Mighty Lightning and Mighty Rocket)

    Liked by 1 person

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