Author Interview and Giveaway about Lake Fun Interactive Book by Rinda Beach

Hey Math is Everywhere Readers,

It’s summertime! I know some of us aren’t quite sure because we’re still staying home due to COVID-19, but some are taking trips to the lake, or wishing they could, and this book, LAKE FUN FOR  YOU AND ME, is for you all!

Kaitlyn: Thanks for joining us today to talk about your new book, Rinda!

Rinda: I’m so happy to be back with you and your readers! Thank you for giving me this opportunity to introduce them to LAKE FUN FOR YOU AND ME.

Kaitlyn: It’s such a fun book; it’s my pleasure. First off, this book is a bit different from a typical book, some might call it a novelty book, can you explain a bit about it for the readers? 

Rinda: I’d love to! The book’s first page is a letter to my readers. Here’s the short version: This book is part story – part souvenir. Follow Zoe and her family on their lake vacation on the left side of each page. On the right, there’s room for you to record your own lake adventures. In the end, you’ll have two stories in one – mine and yours. Think of it as a story, and a scrapbook.

Kaitlyn: How fun! What inspired this new book?

Rinda: After I self-published NEIL ARMSTRONG’S WIND TUNNEL DREAM last May, I thought why not self-publish again? I had things like business licenses and ISBN numbers. It’d be easy to do another book.

I found a niche market with NEIL, and I wanted another one. I thought Norris Lake offered that with its marinas and rental properties. The journal element opened the door for other lakes.

But most of all, I love the lake. I look out the window and remember our lake vacations. I wanted to write about the things my kids did, the ones families are still doing. The text and illustrations are full of those things.

PS- My husband and I love Norris so much we bought a house there.

Kaitlyn: I have fond memories of lake trips growing up as well. Why did you make it interactive?

Rinda: Writing is magic. My stories evolve, and they suggest ideas to me. One of my critique partners suggested adding in a treasure hunt to up the tension. Then I realized I needed to track the points. The race was on for Zoe, Nick and Maddie.

Using points also gave me the idea to use the right side of the page for the reader. I gave them lines to write their lake experiences, and a frame for their artwork. They can draw their own illustrations, buy postcards, or use photos. It also opened the book for other lakes.

The best part, the reader becomes my co-writer and illustrator. When you leave your lake, wherever it is, you’ll have my story, plus your own. You can share it forever, even with your children’s children. I can’t wait to do this with my 6-month-old granddaughter. Someday!

Kaitlyn: Aw, how sweet! How do you usually decide which of your pieces you should publish next?

Rinda: I look for a niche market where I can find a spot to sell my work. Without a publisher, it’s me, myself, and I doing all the work, especially marketing, placement, and advertisement.

I picked NEIL because I grew up and still live in his hometown. Last year was the 50th anniversary of the moon landing. NEIL was a big seller in Wapakoneta, and on Amazon too.

I picked LAKE FUN because it has a potential niche market with the summer season at the lake.  I’m still working on placements, trying to find the businesses who serve my ideal customers.

I’m thinking about a nativity story next. It has a niche market, but it must be ready by October. If there’s not enough time, I’ll save it for next year. I’m also looking for next May’s story. Another vacation spot with a niche market. That’s this month’s project.

Kaitlyn: Wonderful! What’s your favorite thing to do on a lake trip?

Rinda: I love to sit in the boat while my husband drives around the lake. I sit backwards, watching the mountains, trees, and houses fly by. During the week, no one’s around. It’s so beautiful, so peaceful.

The biggest thing I do anytime at the lake is write. I have my living room with its view of mountain and lake. It’s heaven!

Kaitlyn: Sounds peaceful. What’s your hope for this book LAKE FUN FOR YOU AND ME?

Rinda: Rinda: I hope families buy this book when they’re headed or staying at the lake. They’ll leave with their memories saved in the pages of my book. I also hope it finds its way into the marinas, rentals, and campgrounds where readers can see it.

For kids, I hope they use their reading, writing, and art skills within my pages. Kids who use those skills over the summer are ahead of their classmates. I also hope kids write/draw their draft first, then add it into the book. Once it’s there, you can’t erase.

If you go to the LAKE FUN book link on, there’s a journal page for anyone who wants to write and illustrate this summer, or any other season. There’s also a link to make your own LAKE FUN bookmark. The back is a treasure hunt just for you.

Kaitlyn: Finally, if you could fly a kite or have tea by a fire with your favorite authors which would you choose?

Rinda: Sorry, neither. If I could meet my favorite author, I’d invite them to the lake. We’d sit on the dock in comfy chairs and enjoy an incredible view. I’d be ready with a cooler full of drinks.

Kaitlyn: LOL, great choice!

Thank you all for reading! Here’s a bit about the book:



Lake Fun Half cover

Enter to win this fun lake book, LAKE FUN FOR YOU AND ME, by Rinda Beach: (each one is an extra entry)

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Author Bio

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Rinda never planned to write. She was a second-grade teacher who read and told stories, until the night a bat paid her a visit. It inspired her to write. She learned how to edit, thanks to SCBWI, writing classes, and critique partners. Rinda substitute teaches to stay connected to today’s kids. She uses her knowledge and imagination to write stories for them. Her website features a weekly blog and book review for kids. She expanded her career to open a company, Beach Girl Press. Visit Rinda at


Thank you all for joining us today and please make sure to stay safe whatever you’re doing this summer!



Kaitlyn Leann



18 thoughts on “Author Interview and Giveaway about Lake Fun Interactive Book by Rinda Beach

  1. Congratulations, Rinda. My fondest childhood memories are spending time at my aunt and uncle’s cabin by Lake Alice in Wisconsin. I love how you tell the story on one page, and let the reader tell their own lake story on another.

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  2. This sounds like a great interactive book for kids to record their own experiences in tandem with the story. Congrats on doing it all, Rinda! I don’t think I could. You’ve clearly got energy to spare!


  3. Although I’m not pursuing niche markets and self publishing myself, I love to see how well others navigate that world. My childhood lake was Folsom in northern California. I have many fond memories of picnics along its shores.


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