FEEL GOOD FRIDAY: Kaitlyn Leann Sanchez

Hey Math is Everywhere Readers,

Check out my post on Donna Martin’s blog on ways to get kids reading!

Tell me in the comments what you’re doing to encourage reading, or the hard times you’re having with this or the tricks I’ve shared that you’d like to try!

Happy Friday!

Kaitlyn Leann Sanchez

Story Catcher Publishing


Creative Ways to Get Your Kids Reading

by Kaitlyn Leann Sanchez

For a while when my daughter was two, she didn’t want to sit still for a book but she LOVED baths. She didn’t want to get out, in fact. So one day I decided I’d bring some books to the bathroom and read to her there. She was already sitting in one place, and I needed something to occupy me when she kept asking to stay in longer. Bonus: a way to get her out was to say, “Okay, one more story, and it’s time to get out.” Boom! 

Creative ways to get your kids reading can be hard to come by, so hopefully some of these will spark something for you and your family.

Another thing that’s worked really well for us is to get books that are about the shows or movies my daughter loves. I know…

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6 thoughts on “FEEL GOOD FRIDAY: Kaitlyn Leann Sanchez

  1. Love the bathtub idea! You SHOULD pat yourself on the shoulder. Wish I’d come up with that for my half-fish son. 😉 Usually, I let kiddo pick the subject matter and show him a bunch of books to choose from. When it’s his choice, it’s something he’s interested in, and he really dives in. Also, car rides. He has nothing to do, so I just place a book or two back there and he loves to read (not sure how, I’d get nauseous). Thanks for sharing these tips!

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      1. Well, at night I read longer books to him, so we just finished The Traveling Cat Chronicals (he wanted something with cats, and the main narrator is one), and we’re about to start on The Unteachables. His recent favorite PBs are Bethany Barton’s Trying to Love Math and Give Bees a Chance. He rereads those two over and over. So, cats…and non-fiction 🙂

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  2. For The Alycat Series, we are doing Live interactive Storytimes with our life-size Alycat mascot and Storywalks at schools! 🐾 For my own kids, we are visiting places that relate to the stories we read—dessert-themed book = dessert place

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