Fall Writing Frenzy Update

Hi Fall Writing Frenzy Friends and Math is Everywhere Readers,

We have an update: the Fall Writing Frenzy winners will be announced

November 6th!

Thank you all so much for creating such an amazing community, putting yourself out there to share your creative, touching, dark, twisty, and fun stories with us!

We hope you’re still supporting our wonderful donors by using the #donortime hashtag, reading and reviewing their books, and following them on social media! Thanks so much for supporting these wonderful people who are taking the time to help support you!

It has been so awesome to see your flipped stories as well, many of you came up with phenomenal new versions of your already wonderful original stories.

So for some more fun, try out this challenge: take a line from your original story and create a whole new story from that line. As before, we’d love for you to share with our community by posting to your blog and sharing using the #FallWritingFrenzy hashtag!

If you have any questions in the meantime, please check the Fall Writing Frenzy FAQs and feel free to keep reading more stories and interacting with each other from the Fall Writing Frenzy Entries page as well.

We hope you’re enjoying the change in weather like we are and can’t wait to announce the match ups on November 6th! Please continue to support each other, share resources, and retweet great info! We’re so happy we’ve connected with you wonderful creators!


Kaitlyn, Lydia, and our guest judge: Donna!

PS if you haven’t subscribed to our blogs to keep up to date with our happenings, we’d really appreciate it!

14 thoughts on “Fall Writing Frenzy Update

  1. Thank you for this update Kaitlyn. This has been an amazing experience. Our lives are turned upside down, but you, Lydia, Donna, and all the fabulous donors have brought light and heart to the kid lit community. Huge thanks to all of you for this inspiring journey into creativity. Good luck to everyone!

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  2. #FallWritingFrenzy has been an amazing experience! Thank you so much for all of the time and energy you, Lydia and Donna have exerted!
    (Covid seems to magnify every other “not so good thing” that occurs. Therefore, this writing experience was just what the doctor ordered!! ) 🙂

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