Exciting Agency News for #TeamSanchez

Hi Math is Everywhere Readers,

I’m jumping for joy because…

Kaitlyn jumping for joy!

I’ve joined Red Fox Literary as an agent!

And better yet, Team Sanchez has been kind enough to join me!

Today Team Sanchez and I will share a bit about the move to Red Fox Literary, how excited we are about Red Fox, and, of course, have some giveaways to celebrate our news!

First, the press release!

(I still can’t believe it! I’ve never had a press release before. The Red Fox team did such a beautiful job with it! Not only are the books the team writes and reps beautiful, but their announcements are beautiful too!)


Kaitlyn Sanchez Joins West Coast–Based Red Fox Literary

SHELL BEACH, CA—February 10, 2021: Former Olswanger Literary associate agent Kaitlyn Sanchez will join boutique agency Red Fox Literary this month.

Red Fox co-founder, Karen Grencik, says, “We are delighted to add Kaitlyn Sanchez to our existing team of five agents. Her work ethic, passion for the business, and drive make her a perfect fit for Red Fox Literary.”

Sanchez began her agenting career as a literary intern in 2019 at Olswanger Literary, where she went on to sell five book projects in her first year as an associate agent. Sanchez specializes in representing clients in all genres of children’s literature from picture book through young adult.

 For Sanchez, the best part of being an agent is helping creators bring beautiful books into the world. “Joining Red Fox Literary feels like coming home,” she says. “Especially since the team is just overflowing with kindness, creativity, and enthusiasm.”

The addition of Sanchez comes at a momentous time for Red Fox Literary. Just a few weeks ago, the agency, founded by Karen Grencik and Abigail Samoun in 2011, was proud to garner six ALA Youth Awards by its clients, including  Newbery Honors for Christina Soontornvat’s All Thirteen and A Wish In the Dark (represented by Red Fox’s Stephanie Fretwell-Hill) and a Coretta Scott King Honor for Suzanne Slade’s Exquisite (represented by Grencik).  The agency represents over one-hundred authors and illustrators, including Soontornvat, National Book Award finalist Beth Kephart, R.W. Alley, Marsha Diane Arnold, Dan Krall, Masha D’yans, Hannah Harrison, Matt Faulkner, Baptiste Paul, and other stand-out talent.

Red Fox’s other agents include Stephanie Fretwell-Hill, Jennie Kendrick, and Jenna Poicus, with administrative assistant Kinsey Beckett rounding out the team.

“We are so happy to have Kaitlyn join our little fox den,” says co-founder Abigail Samoun. “She echoes our enthusiasm and love for the children’s book business and we’re looking forward to her bringing some great projects our way.”

Kaitlyn Sanchez will only be open to submissions from those who are submitting to her via conferences and referrals. When she’s open to submissions again, it will be updated on the Red Fox website, http://www.redfoxliterary.com, as well as on her blog: https://kaitlynleannsanchez.com/blog/

Wow, was that announcement fun or what?!? And three cheers for all of Red Fox’s amazing ALA award winners!

Note: For those of you who were kind enough to send me your query while I was with Olswanger Literary, please know I will still be responding to all of them. Anna has been incredibly supportive and has generously given me as much time as I need to still have access to the Olswanger email address, so rest assured you’ll hear back soon!

And now to share all the jumping-for-joy excitement from Team Sanchez:

Jolene says, “I feel so fortunate to be represented by Kaitlyn, and Red Fox Literary has already given us such a warm welcome and so much support. It’s an honor to be a part of their family and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us all!”

DK says, “Working with Kaitlyn has been a dream come true and I could not be more pleased to join the Red Fox family with all of Team Sanchez. They are such a welcoming, warm, and incredible agency. I’m very excited for this next chapter!” 

David says, “It’s the perfect combination: A team of talented, generous writers and illustrators. Kaitlyn, an agent who is a tireless champion of our work. And a warm and welcoming new agency. Life is good – our futures are bright.”

Carol says, “With a go-getter, talented, motivated agent like Kaitlyn, I’d follow her anywhere… but so thrilled it was to the fabulous Red Fox Literary.” 
Laura says, “I am so excited that our literary team led by our amazing leader is being welcomed into Red Fox’s wonderful den. We face our new challenges with an amazing base of support. What could be better than that?”

Margaret says, “I am delighted to be joining Red Fox with Kaitlyn and the team! The agency feels like a perfect fit and I am grateful for the warm welcome we’ve had into the fox den.” 
Heather says, “I already knew Kaitlyn would take the literary world by storm. But now that she’s joined the Red Fox den, what a truly fierce and extraordinary storm this will be! Thank you for the warm welcome Red Fox! I’m ecstatic to be working alongside such incredible talents.”
Pooja says, “This is super exciting! A fantastic agent like Kaitlyn joining a fantastic agency like Red Fox, and I got lucky in the midst of it all. I’m sure there are wonderful things for Team Sanchez in the future and I’m already looking forward to it!”
Monica says, “I am happy dancing into the den! I’m so grateful for Kaitlyn and the warm welcome at Red Fox.” 
Hillora says, “I am thrilled that I connected with the perfect agent for me on the first try! Kaitlyn is wonderful, so enthusiastic and supportive. I am so lucky to be able to share my author journey with such an amazing agent and cheerleader. I look forward to great success as a member of Kaitlyn’s, and Red Fox’s, team. I have found my writing home!”
Maryam says, “I love, love, love working with Kaitlyn! She believes in me, my work and always encourages me to reach for my dreams! I truly would follow Kaitlyn wherever she goes! Joining the supportive and amazing Red Fox, is such an exciting step! I’m so happy and have happy dancing since I heard the news! I can’t wait to see what happens next on this amazing adventure together!”
Sarah says, “Working with Kaitlyn has been a whirlwind of excitement from the start! I’m so pleased to follow her inspiring energy to Red Fox Literary.”
Alyssa says, “Kaitlyn is a fierce advocate of my work. I appreciate her enthusiasm, communication style, and feedback. I could not dream up a better agent, and I would follow her anywhere. I am thrilled she will continue to grow and learn as an agent with Red Fox Literary.”

In case you can’t tell, we are all super excited about being so warmly welcomed into the fox den!

And now… Drum roll please… The part you’ve all been waiting for: the giveaways!

You could win:

  • Kaitlyn Sanchez: Above the Slush Pass for Kaitlyn
  • Jolene: Critique of a non-rhyming fiction picture book 700 words or less.
  • DK Ryland: Critique of a non-rhyming fiction picture book manuscript or dummy.
  • David McMullin: Critique of any fiction picture book.
  • Carol Gordon Ekster: Critique of a non-rhyming fiction picture book 700 words or less.
  • Laura K Zimmermann: Critique of a nonfiction picture book 700 words or less.
  • Margaret Aitken: Critique of picture book manuscript (rhyme or prose).
  • Monica Acker: Critique of a non-rhyming fiction picture book 700 words or less.
  • Heather Bell: Critique of a fiction picture book manuscript or dummy.
  • Pooja Nukala: Critique of a non-rhyming fiction/non-fiction picture book
  • Hillora Lang: Workshop/critique of the first twenty pages of a YA manuscript.
  • Maryam Khalifah: One-of-a-kind post card with a piece of Maryam’s art!
  • Sarah Hovorka: non-rhyming fiction picture book and query critique or first ten pages and synopsis chapter book critique
  • Alyssa Reynoso-Morris: Critique of a non-rhyming fiction picture book 700 words or less OR a query letter critique. 

To get in on the giveaway:

Follow all of the Team Sanchez clients and Red Fox on Twitter. Then Quote Retweet this tweet using “#TeamSanchez heads to @RedFoxLiterary” and tag 3 friends!

Thank you all for your wonderful support of these amazing creators!


Kaitlyn Leann Sanchez

60 thoughts on “Exciting Agency News for #TeamSanchez

  1. Congratulations, Kaitlyn! This is such joyful and exciting news for you and the team! It sounds like an incredible opportunity. Keep the great news coming! 🙂


  2. Happy for you and your authors, Kaitlyn! Red Fox are lucky to have such an enthusiastic agent. Looking forward to your grand query reopening as I have a chapter book featuring a fiendish teacher that I think will tickle you.


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