Debut Author Interview and GIVEAWAY with Ana Siqueira about her picture book BELLA’S RECIPE FOR SUCCESS, illustrated by Geraldine Rodriguez

Hi Math is Everywhere Readers,

Today is going to be wonderful because we get to chat with one of my amazing friends, and former critique partner, Ana Siqueira, about her debut book that just came out: BELLA’S RECIPE FOR DISASTER SUCCESS, illustrated by Geraldine Rogriquez!

Kaitlyn: Hi, Ana, thank you so much for joining us!

Ana: I am so happy to be in your blog. You were my first interview and blog. 

Kaitlyn: Oh my goodness z you’re right! I think we did our debut together, I think it was my first interview. Readers, you can find that post here. Ana, can you share what inspired this story and a bit about its journey into the world?

Ana: I got inspired by my daughter. She was always a perfectionist and sometimes she would quit if she was not one of the best. Also, being a teacher, I realized many kids struggle when making mistakes. I want everyone to know that making mistakes is okay and important. 

Kaitlyn: Such an important lesson, especially for me (raises hand) perfectionist here. And I’m trying so hard to teach my daughter that it’s okay to not be perfect, so this really helps! Can you share why you think stories like these are so important for our little ones to read about?

Ana: I think stories must first entertain kids. But if it can also promote discussion of an important topic, even better. With Bella, kids will learn, in a humorous, non-preachy way, we can always try again. 

Kaitlyn: Yes, so fun and important to learn that we can always try again. This is one of the best titles I’ve ever seen! Can you share how the title came about?

Ana: Oh, I don’t even remember for sure. I know Bella was called Bia. And the title was Bia Quits Again. But then, I changed, based on feedback from Mira Reisberg, to Bella. Then, I decided to have a more positive title. So, I asked the writing community for suggestions. I got an amazing suggestions – Bake Until You Make It. But, even tough I loved this suggestion, I ended up getting inspired and coming up with this idea. 

Kaitlyn: So wonderful how you work so collaboratively to get the best possible outcome, Ana! Can you share who your editor was for this book, and why it was so wonderful to work with this editor?

Ana: Naomi Krueger was always so supportive. She was always enthusiastic about the book. We made minor changes, but we talked on the phone sometimes to make decisions such as Bella’s character and the best recipe. It’s always great to have an editor share their vision and ideas. It teaches you a lot about writing too.

Kaitlyn: Sounds like a wonderful team, and it’s always the best when you get each other’s vision. Can you share who your agent is and why you enjoy working with this agent? 

Ana: My agent was Andrea Walker. We were an amazing team. She helped me a lot with her editorial notes. Unfortunately, she decided to step away so she can have more time with her family. I totally understand it. She is doing editorial services now and I can say, she is amazing. Her feedback always made my manuscripts so much stronger. And she respected my opinion and vision. 

Kaitlyn: Respect is always so important. I’m sorry that you have to find another agent, but as you know the same thing happened to me, and landing with Joyce has been so amazing. Knowing your work and work ethic, I know you’ll find an amazing agent lickety-slpit! Can you share some advice you like to give to aspiring authors?

Ana: Bella can take over here. Don’t quit. Keep on learning, learning, learning. Keep on writing, writing, reading, and reading. And make sure to get into critique groups and get support from the writing community. 

Kaitlyn: Yes, Bella! Get it! Those are the most wonderful pieces of advice! Now, can you please share with us what’s next for you or what you’re working on now?

Ana: I have the following books coming out – IF YOUR BABYSITTER IS A BRUJA (Illustrated by Irena Freitas – Simon Kids 2022), ABUELA’S SUPER CAPA (HarperCollins 2023), and another book to be announced (HarperCollins 2024). I am also writing a chapter book about some Brazilian and Cuban dolls who face the terrifying world of the garage sale and other dangers. And I am writing an informational fiction based on a Brazilian teacher who was nominated as one of the top 10 teachers of the world due to her Junk Robotics program. Through this program the whole community learned to recycle and the students learned they can do it. It is FABULOSO. 

Kaitlyn: I have read some of these and they are amazing and the others sound fantastic. I can’t wait to read them and have you back on the blog! Finally, if you could meet your favorite author, illustrator, historical figure, or mathematician would you chat by a fireside or go on an adventure?

Ana: I love Anika Denise, Monica Brown, Ashley Franklin, Kelly Dipuchio, Mariana Llanos and Peter Brown. Illustrators – I love all the illustrators of my books – Geraldine Rodriguez, Elisa Chevarri and Irena Freitas. Also, Peter Brown. And a co-founder of Latinxpitch – Tatitana Gardel. 

Kaitlyn: Yay! If you could have a party with all these amazing creators there, I’d be begging to get in! I can’t wait to meet you as well someday, my friend! Thank you so much for sharing and for joining us today, Ana!

Ana: Thank you for inviting me. 

Kaitlyn: It was na absolute pleasure to have you!

Book info and links

For signed copies – Tombolo Books –

For all others- Check the Beaming Book site

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.

Bella wants to find out what she’s good at. But she quits everything she (barely) tries because she’s a disaster at it. Her somersaults are like clumsy jirafas rolling downhill, her piano playing like elephant feet. When she decides to learn how to bake with her wise old abuela, her first attempt at dulce de leche frosting looks like scaly cocodrilo skin. She must learn it’s okay to try again or she won’t be good at anything. Peppered with Spanish vocabulary and set in an intergenerational Latinx home, Bella’s Recipe for Success will show all kids the value of practicing to learn a new skill, and that it’s okay to make mistakes along the way.

A recipe for Polvorones con Dulce de Leche is included at the back of the book so kids can have fun making their own.

Author Bio and links

Ana Siqueira is a Spanish-language elementary teacher, an award-winning Brazilian children’s author, and a published author in the Foreign Language educational market. Her forthcoming picture books include BELLA’S RECIPE FOR DISASTER/SUCCESS (Beaming Books, 2021), IF YOUR BABYSITTER IS A BRUJA/ CUANDO TU NIÑERA ES UNA BRUJA (SimonKids,2022), ABUELA’S SUPER CAPA/LA SUPER CAPA DE ABUELA (HarperCollins 2023) – two-book deal auction. The second book can’t be announced yet. Ana is a member of  SCBWI, Las Musas Book, and co-founder of LatinxPitch. 

Ana was chosen as Local PBS Media Innovator 2016 and she got trained as a Global Educator in 2018 through IREX and the US State Department where she went to visit and teach in India 

Besides writing, Ana loves to read, teach, and play with her Cuban-Brazilian-American grandchildren. 

Find more about her and her books at

You can follow Ana on


Instagram –

Goodreads –


Kaitlyn’s Review of Bella’s Recipe for Success

BELLA’S RECIPE FOR DISASTER SUCCESS is full to the brim of great lessons that are so important for our little ones, including “it’s okay to not be perfect” and “you can always try again”. There is also a beautiful family dynamic that will bring every reader in, wanting to hear more.

Giveaway – Winner’s choice of a signed book or a picture book critique

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Thank you all again for reading and supporting such an amazing creator! Keep your eyes peeled, we have some extra blog posts and another Team Sanchez cover reveal coming soon!


Kaitlyn Leann Sanchez

22 thoughts on “Debut Author Interview and GIVEAWAY with Ana Siqueira about her picture book BELLA’S RECIPE FOR SUCCESS, illustrated by Geraldine Rodriguez

  1. This looks like the perfect book for my daughter. I added it to my Good Reads “Want to Read” list and requested it from my local library. Congrats, Ana!

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  2. This was too good not to retweet! I can’t wait to read this – as a former teacher you are spot on about kids not wanting to fail. It is tough for them to let go and just ‘experience’ the lesson. I have let GoodReads know I am interested – congratulations!


  3. Thank you for the interview and chance to win a copy of a book that not only do I see my younger self in, but also my daughter. I have this book on my Goodreads TBR.


  4. As a teacher, parent and perfectionist I’m so excited for this book! I added to my Goodreads list and quote retweeted with friends tagged. Thanks for a fantastic interview and this awesome opportunity!


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