Interview and GIVEAWAY with Ammi-Joan Paquette about picture book, ALL FROM A WALNUT, by Ammi-Joan Paquette, illustrated by Felicita Sala

Hi Math is Everywhere Readers,

I hope you’ve all been doing well. Thank you for your patience in waiting for this next blog post, which I think you are all going to love (especially the prize giveaway! It’s a BIG one!). I do want to share that this will be one of my last postings for a while (a few more will be coming this month, so keep your eyes peeled) as I will be taking a blog hiatus soon to help with life balance, but more on that soon. Right now, I’m beyond delighted to share about a this beautiful picture book by award-winning author and phenomenal literary agent, Ammi-Joan Paquette, ALL FROM A WALNUT, illustrated by Felicita Sala, which just hit shelves this March!

Description of book from the publisher: 

A moving, multigenerational story about love, family roots, and the cycle of life

When Emilia finds a walnut one morning, Grandpa tells her the story behind it: of his journey across the ocean to a new home, with only one small bag and a nut in his pocket.

“I planted my little tree in good brown soil, so it would grow strong here forever.”

“In this house? In this yard?”

“Shall we go see?”

Step by step, Grandpa teaches Emilia how to cultivate her own seed. But as her little nut grows, Grandpa begins to slow down—until one sad day, Emilia has to say goodbye. Emilia’s sapling looks as droopy as she feels . . . but she knows just what to do.

From acclaimed author and illustrator Ammi-Joan Paquette and Felicita Sala, this tender story is a poignant reminder that the best things grow with time—and that even when they are no longer here, the ones we love are always a part of us.



“Captures the personal-feeling family story with a poignant immediacy that also enshrines respect for the family’s legacy.”Publishers Weekly


Kaitlyn: Hi, Ammi-Joan, it’s so nice to have you here today! I believe I read that you like to be called Joan, so if it’s alright with you, can I call you Joan?

Joan: Yes, absolutely!

Kaitlyn: Wonderful and now, let’s dive in! Can you start by talking a bit about what it’s like marketing your own books? As an agent, we often have so much fun sharing about our client’s books, but I imagine marketing your own book is a whole different experience.

Joan: This is so very true - marketing one’s own book may come naturally to some people, but alas, I am not one of them! So I’m far from a role model on this front. That said, here’s my advice along this line: Find those things that you enjoy doing, that feel true and authentic to who you are and to your skill set, and focus there. Is that doing book events? Or being active on social media? Or blog tours? Everyone has their areas of strength and expertise, so identify those and start there. Of course, pushing out of our comfort zone a little is never a bad thing. But in general, being bound too much by things we feel we must or should or have to do is going to look to others as effortful as it feels to us. Be true to who you are, have fun, and readers will take notice! 

Kaitlyn: Such great advice. If you’re enjoying what you’re doing, others will connect, too. I can feel how connected you seem to be to this delightful story. Can you share how this book came to be?

Joan: This is very much a fictional story, but it does draw from true events: my past family’s emigration from Como, Italy; my particular love of large and leafy trees; and my own nostalgia at never having known my grandparents - I only met my maternal grandparents once as a young child, and never met my paternal ones at all. Somehow these elements came together in what ended up as a very personal story, albeit one that is entirely fictional in storyline.

Kaitlyn: I love that! I feel like whenever people are writing from the heart – even if they don’t realize it at first, the story always impacts me more. Can you share why books like this are so important to share with our little ones?

Joan: The first few times I read this book aloud to children, I worried that it would be too sad for them, that they would be upset by it. Interestingly, not a single child reacted that way. After the reading, when I asked if any of the children had experiences from their lives they might write about, many responded with some version of “when my grandma passed away,” “when my uncle moved to another country,” or “when my dog died.” Children are no strangers to loss, or sadness, or grief. Giving them an outlet to express this safely is a precious and much-needed gift.

Kaitlyn: That is the absolute best. It just shows how powerful these books can be at helping kids relate their experiences to the world, especially with beautiful art created by Felicita Sala to bring it to life. The art Felicita created for this story matches the tone so well. Can you share the process for finding Felicita and what you thought when you saw the art?

Joan: I am obsessed with Felicita Sala’s artwork, and could not be luckier that she was chosen to illustrate this text! I honestly could not imagine having done this with anybody but her - she absolutely makes the book ❤ 

Kaitlyn: That’s the absolute best! Now, if you had to pick, what is your favorite scene of this book?

Joan: This is nearly impossible, as I genuinely love the entire book! But I will say that the three-page spread where Grandpa is sitting in his chair on the left, and Emilia watches her growing plant on the right, is especially moving. The place setting of those three pages is identical. What changes are the light and page coloring; the slow growth of Emilia’s young tree; and Grandpa’s slow decline. It is such a moving sequence that captures so much in such a subtle way, and leads beautifully into the sadder moments that follow. 
One of the three spreads, words by Ammi-Joan Paquette, illustrations by Felicita Sala

Kaitlyn: I love how the actions match the words so well, and can see why you adore Felicita’s work so much! Can you share who your editor for this book was and why you enjoyed working with this editor?

Joan: My editor for this book was Emma Ledbetter at Abrams - she is an absolute genius, and worked her careful magic all across the span of this story. It was a wonderful experience working together!

Kaitlyn: It sounds magical, and the pages of this book attest to the beauty you all created together! Can you share some advice you like to share with authors?

Joan: My best advice: Keep reading, keep writing, and keep trying new things! It’s nothing new or special, really–but it works. In every way, practice makes perfect. 

Kaitlyn: Agreed! Keep at it, wonderful readers, and we’ll be reading your books very soon. Finally, if you could meet your favorite author, illustrator, historical figure, or author-illustrator, would you chat by a fireside or go on an adventure?

Joan: Definitely go on an adventure! (Anyway, you can always chat as you go :))

Kaitlyn: Ha! Yes, you definitely could! Thank you so much for stopping by today and for all you do to help bring beautiful books into the world.

Book Links

Author Bio and links

Ammi-Joan Paquette writes a bit of everything, grew up a bit of everywhere, and believes that every day is a brand new adventure. She has published 16 books for young readers—including the picture books Ghost in the House and The Tiptoe Guide to Tracking Fairies, the magical middle-grade adventure The Train of Lost Things, and the award-winning non-fiction series Two Truths and a Lie, co-written with Laurie Ann Thompson—and many more on the way. Her books have been recognized with starred reviews, Junior Library Guild selections, and a wide range of Best of the Year and State Reading Lists. In her non-writing life, she is a senior literary agent with Erin Murphy Literary Agency. She lives in the Boston area with her family and zero pets (unless you count the towering book piles!). (Always count the towering book piles!)

Twitter at @joanpaq

Instagram at @ammi.joan.paquette

Kaitlyn’s Review the book

This beautiful story will be a new way for kids to experience, explore, and discuss our interconnectedness with our families, homes, and cultures. The words and art work together in an almost poetic way to help readers and listeners feel the power of this story. Definitely one to cuddle up with!

Giveaway- Query pass! EMLA is closed to unsolicited submissions, but you could be chosen for a query pass for Ammi-Joan

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Thank you all for always supporting wonderful creators, and I’m excited to share the next few blog posts before my hiatus. I’ll miss you all while on my break, but so glad to have such wonderful, supportive, and understanding followers.


Kaitlyn Leann Sanchez

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    And what a precious story. I was smitten when I read the line, “Together we crossed the great, wide ocean…” This lovely tale makes me want to be sure I leave a ‘walnut’ of my own for my own family. Inspiring.

    Many thanks for this generous opportunity! I’d be thrilled to be considered.
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