I love the way my ponytail swishes across my back,

the place between my shoulder blades tingling and itching for more.

My breathing intensifies as my smile widens.

I take another step.

The movement exerts my muscles but frees my mind:

I’m running.

This was me on Saturday, when I finally got on my elliptical for the first time in a while. Not that I hadn’t done any running since, but it was the first time in a while I was running, well, “ellipticallying” on my own. Exercise is one of those amazing things that just makes me happy, whether it’s the profound all-on-my-own freedom of the elliptical, or the exciting and intense teamwork of playing soccer (our team won the championship last season in our adult coed rec league) or the loving play and romping about my husband and I do with our daughter.

Soccer champs
Soccer champs 2018! (I’m number 2😊)

Especially this time of year, it’s important to remember to take care of your body and soul. Enjoy the comfort food, but make sure to get in some exercise and lots of laughter, too.

I know, I know, you’re thinking where’s the math? Well…it’s everywhere, of course: the number of endorphins produced that give that wonderful feeling of happiness when you work out, the calculations of work, force, effort, and calories burned, and of course, the pattern of increased smiles as your body gets what it needs😊

6 thoughts on “Running

  1. Yesss! When it’s cold out it’s easy to forget that a bit of exercise can lead to a “pattern of increased smiles.” 😍 thanks for sharing a little reminder

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