No Ice, A Holiday Tale

Hey all, it’s time for another awesome writing contest by the inspiring Susanna Hill: The 8th Annual Holiday Contest!

This time, writers are to tell a story of a holiday hero in 250 words or less. The target audience is children ages 12 and under, but I hope this tale will be enjoyable for all!


by Kaitlyn Leann Sanchez

Every winter, the pond was the place to be. People came from all over to ice skate.

But this winter, the pond didn’t freeze, so no one came.

Annie stood on her tippy toes and peered out the kitchen window: still, no ice. She sighed and reached to turn off the TV, but what she heard stopped her.

Could it be?

She remembered the town hall meeting when the mayor said, “Global warming isn’t true. I won’t believe it, neither should you.”

Annie looked at her pond. I have to show them!

The newscaster explained a machine that can undo air pollution.

She asked her dad to help. Soon, their machine was filtering air and condensing the pollution into a solid, coal-like substance.

Annie fashioned a fake snowman, put on the pollution buttons, and carried it to the town hall meeting.

“Our pond didn’t freeze because pollution like this is warming the earth.”

The townspeople said, “Global warming is true? Oh no, Annie, what can we do?”

They made plans to recycle, plant trees, carpool, and more.

That night, Annie wrote a letter.

“Dear Santa,
Can you cool the earth so our pond will freeze? That’s the only present I really need.”

On Christmas Eve, Santa appeared and magically froze the pond!

“Annie, you’ve been good this year.
Enjoy this little Christmas cheer!”

The townspeople quickly strapped on their skates, knowing it would not last.

But Annie and her Christmas miracle showed them they were on the right track.

I hope you enjoyed this little tale. If you’re curious about Annie’s machine, it was inspired by a TED Talk I saw last year. Here are some links about the machine:

Smog jewelry and the TED Talk

Into the ground

And of course, math is definitely everywhere here: the amount of pollution we can eliminate from the air, the number of lives that cleaning up our air can save, the number of jewelry pieces that can be produced, not to mention, the math calculations that go into creating the machines. Even if you can’t create an air purifying tower, small steps like carpooling and recycling can really make an impact in our world.

Happy holidays and if you want to read more holiday hero stories, hop over to Susanna Hill’s contest page.

27 thoughts on “No Ice, A Holiday Tale

  1. I have not heard of this pollution-eating machine! So cool, Kaitlyn! I hope you’re working this into a full manuscript because I definitely want to read more. The fact that you have back matter and that you address important environmental issues in so few words is AWESOME. You’re my hero!

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  2. I am so glad you wrote this story about an environmentalist, Kaitlyn. Annie is indeed on the right track and I hope her story will become a STEM picture book! This story is needed. Well done!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. What an original entry, Kaitlyn! So clever to combine the issue of global warming to the holiday hero story. You’ve written something that is both fun and educational, and carries the message that we can all do things to help. I like the little spots where you put in some rhyme 🙂 And I love that all Annie wanted was a frozen pond so everyone could enjoy a happy day. Thanks for joining in the Holiday fun!

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