Hi all,

As I’m sure you’re aware, there’s only THREE days left until the SPRING FLING WRITING CONTEST!!!


And, as I’m sure you’ve heard, three is also the magic number!๐Ÿ˜ Math is everywhere, right?!

One of my favorite things I learned in college was number meanings.

For Pythagoras and his followers math was everything, it explained and described everything. Numbers had gender, music associations, meaning.

The number three was considered harmonious. As it is composed of one (unity) and two (diversity), Pythagoras thought of three as bringing the two together in harmony. Think about how musical chords are groups of three notes, how the unification of these diverse sounds makes harmonious musicโ€”isn’t math just beautiful?

So now, you have three harmonious days left to make sure your #SpringKidlitContest entry is in order.

If you have questions between now and then, please check out our FAQs page and our new Gif page. Don’t forget to check out the awesome prizes and follow, share, read, review, etc. for the wonderful authors and agents who are giving these amazing prizes).

Can’t wait to see your entries!

Please share in the comments below what your favorite number is and why. And if you’re participating in the #SpringKidlitContest, tell me what you’re enjoying most or looking forward to most about the contest.


(I wasn’t able to use my old textbook as a resource for this blog post because I keep it at work for the students to check out if they want, so I used the following resources to double check the accuracy of my statements above: Dartmouth and StoryOfMathematics.)

If you want to dig even deeper this Harvard resource great too!

And just for a laugh, some funny things that come in threes: from

6 thoughts on “Three

  1. My favorite number is 23 because it’s my birthday and it’s Michael Jordan’s number which meant it was very popular in Chicago. I’m excited to participate in the spring fling contest because it was your encouragement to participate in #50preciouswords (another number!) that had me write my entry for that contest. I have FINALLY gotten back into writing and revising after this weekend’s SCBWI conference.

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    1. Yes yes yes!!! I’m so excited to hear you’re writing again and am so humbled that I’ve helped that happen ๐Ÿ˜
      I’m so excited to start reading he over 40 entries today, what a beautiful turn out for our first contest!

      As for your number, haha the first thing I thought (even as a born and raised Californian) was Michael Jordan lol๐Ÿ˜†.

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      1. It was hard to switch off my MBA marketing brain and go back to my creative brain for the time surrounding the launch. Iโ€™m still doing a lot of promotion but Iโ€™m finally finding the balance. I hope you enjoy my entry for the Spring contest.
        Regarding Michael Jordan, the Bulls practice court was at the gym I went to at the time (before they built the Berto Center) and Michael Jordan used to walk through my prenatal exercise class to sneak out the back away from cameras!
        โ€œHi ladies! Sorry to interrupt. Youโ€™re all so amazing ….โ€ He seriously said that!

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        1. Omg I got the chills multiple times here. No wonder we’re such kindred spirits, we both love using both side of our brain!๐Ÿ˜ Amd MJ SAID THAT?! OMG THAT’S SO COOL, what fun! I can’t wait to read it either , the title intrigued me so much and it was one of the last entered that I literally thought “hm…maybe I should go in reverse order” lol Of course the rule-following part of my brain said, Ni, Kaitlyn, you already decided to go in order they were submitted.”๐Ÿ˜† So I’ll have to wait, but oh, anticipation ia half the fun, right?

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