Kaitlyn Sanchez and her journey to get an Agent!!

My first ever blog interview!❤️
Thanks, Ana, it was such a blast chatting with you.

Ana - The Teacher and the Writer

Inspiration. 🎉🎭🎨💡📕

Kaitlyn knew she wanted to be a writer since she was a little girl, but she started her writing career when her super cute daughter Kiara turned one.


Kiara and Mom, two big inspirations.

I have my daughter and two amazing women to thank for leading me down this wonderful path of writing children’s books.

It all started with my mom. One day, she was listening to me sing a funny song I made up for my daughter, and she said: ”You should write children’s books.” Not long after, my friend, Sarah, who was in the honors college with me back at Fresno State, asked friends on Facebook to give her feedback on her children’s story idea. The mixture of all three things—my mom’s encouragement, my friend’s inspiration, wanting great math picture books for my daughter—is what got me going.

Kaitlyn is a children’s book writer who…

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THE DIAMOND & THE BOY: Thirteen Different Openings

For my writing friends, inspiration. For my friends who have supported my writing for the past year and a half, here’s some insight on why publishing picture books is such a long undertaking

Writer and Dreamer at work

I’m so proud to introduce the author of The Diamond and The Boy, Hannah Holt. A dear friend and critique buddy for the past seven years I have come to know Hannah never does things by halves. Many of you in the children’s writing world will know how dedicated she is to her writing, her resilience and perseverance, and attention to detail, much like the character in her debut picture book. But then I guess that should come as no surprise when THE BOY is her Grandfather – H Tracy Hall. Her first draft for this story was written in 2012 and the story is only just published this year. Hannah endured the parting of ways with two different agents before this book sold. During that time Hannah worked on about six picture books at a time. She wrote a dozen stories before starting this one and has worked on…

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Perfect Picture Book Friday – Love Is Kind with a GIVEAWAY!

Such amazing books to check out!

Susanna Leonard Hill

Today is a special day!

Not only is it Perfect Picture Book Friday, it’s the day author Laura Sassi is stopping at my little blog on her blog tour!  (Thanks so much for joining us, Laura, and including us in the launch of this wonderful book!)

As a result, we have a great book to share as well as FANTASTIC activities from the author herself!

Let’s get right to it, shall we? 🙂

thumbnail_loveiskindcoverTitle: Love Is Kind

WrittenBy: Laura Sassi

Illustrated By: Lison Chaperon

Zonderkidz, August 2018, fiction

Suitable For Ages: 4-8

Themes/Topics: love, kindness, doing the right thing

Opening: “Little Owl jingled the coins in his pocket.  It was Grammy’s birthday.  And, finally, he had enough money to buy her something special – a heart-shaped box of chocolates.
He took out the coins – so shiny and new – and ready to spend…

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The Breakfast Club Is Back – with Mission Defrostable

Josh Funk Books

Hey, friends! Last week Mission Defrostable was released!

That’s right, Lady Pancake & Sir French Toast are back and bready for their next adventure! Can they save the fridge before all the food is iced?

Available wherever books are sold!


Hey, librarians & booksellers! If you want one of these Always Stay Hungry for Books Posters for your library or bookshopjust fill out THIS google form and I’ll send one your way!

While supplies last.

US only.

To celebrate the release, in the past few weeks Mission Defrostable was named to the Indie Kids’ Next List, I traveled to Texas and met my cardboard-self, encountered a giant lighted sign with my head on it at a conference in Florida, signed all the books in the Concord Bookshop, and also visited the NYPL to celebrate the…

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