Those are the Breaks

You totally thought you were about to read something bad, huh?

No way! Not on the Mathiseverywhere blog! It’s all about fun here!

But that idiom was the first thing that came to my silly mind when I thought of breaks, which I’m currently on. Right now, it’s a long weekend (Labor Day), so I get an extra day off, and I have also been taking a big break from writing for most of the month of August as school started up again.Kicking water

I think for all writers, breaks are important and especially important to talk about, so here we go!

What does taking a break from writing mean for you?

For me, it’s extra time at the park and the pool with my cutie.Me with daughter 1

Me with daughter 2
Me with daughter 4Me with daughter 5

It’s relaxing and hanging out more when we visit family.

It’s quality time with my hubby.

It’s listening to audiobooks and full albums, binge watching shows and sports, and reading new books.

It’s grading AP Stats tests while supervising at the school volleyball games and watching a few good rallies too, of course!

It means still keeping up with my amazing writing friends on social media and still sharing blog posts about phenomenal debut writers (Check here for the most recent one on the MathIsEverywhere blog, and check my Twitter for more😉).

I think once you’re a writer, you’re never far from the community even if you’re taking a break from writing. You’re still critiquing, you’re still celebrating with your friends, still helping brainstorm ideas, but breaks in your own creative writing are so important and necessary. 

Sometimes you’re just too busy, sometimes life happens, sometimes you’re having a block, sometimes your too close to your manuscripts, whatever it is, when you come back, you have bright, fresh eyes. 

So if, like me, you’re taking a break, whether you are consciously or not, just remember, breaks are important for writers.

I can’t wait to dive back into my writing, but for now, I’m enjoying a new teaching year, time with my family, and just hanging out listening to other artists’ lovely ideas.


Share in the comments, or in a tweet comment, what you like to do when you’re taking writing breaks!

AND the person with the most grabbing thing they do over writing break will win a #pb critique from me😊

10 thoughts on “Those are the Breaks

  1. Summer has been a long break for me too, and I thought it was going to be a long work period! Hoping for inspiration as I start back to work (writing!) this week!

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    1. Haha! Isn’t that the truth?! Sometimes it’s that whole “objects in motion stay at motion” idea, right? And we actually get more done during the work year.

      Happy writing! Maybe we’ll start back around the same time and swap and help get each other reinvigorated ❤️


  2. I break for family visiting, vacations, and making cool birthday cakes. And sleep. I usually write after the kiddos are in bed, but start of school year means early to bed, early to rise to get the school year off on the right foot. (I’ll totally be staying up too late soon)

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    1. Yes!!!❤️ And that birthday cake was beautiful, for sure. Your sweet daughter will remember that always. Can’t wait to read more for you soon, but I’m so glad to know you’re taking important breaks ❤️ they will make your writing that much better

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  3. I like doing silly things like painting beach rocks. I like taking naps. I like jogging around the block through the construction. What I END UP doing is pretending to be Elsa while my daughter is Anna. Or accidentally driving to karate an hour early and helping my son and the kids practice for their test (in a dress). (it was pretty cool when one kid said “I couldn’t have passed without you!”). Oh and the other day I ended up stapling 32 bags full of party favors! Oh, and watching my favorite movies, Harry Potter.

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    1. Sarah you sound like an absolute hoot, I hope we get to meet someday. Isn’t teaching so rewarding? And I LOVE pretend play, especially when it’s Frozen. First kids movie I’ve heard the word fractals used in and that makes my math heart extra happy! Thanks so much for sharing, and I hope you take a few longer breaks too to keep your creativity as fresh as you sound!

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