February Nonfiction Picture Book Feature for NF Picture Book Challenge 2020: Whoosh! Lonnie Johnson’s Super-Soaking Stream of Inventions

Hi Math is Everywhere readers,

I am having a blast with Nonfiction Picture Book Challenge. If you want in, check it out here.

BUT FIRST, if you haven’t entered to win a SIGNED copy of Jodi Moore’s adorable board book, check it out now!

If you missed my first post, I read Teresa Robeson‘s debut picture book Queen of Physics How Wu Chien Shiung Helped Unlock the Secrets of the Atom

This time, I read Whoosh! Lonnie Johnson’s Super-Soaking Stream of Inventions.

boy holding rocket and man holding squirt gun

Not only does this book have super kid appeal, but it also has adult appeal! Most of us with kids ages 0-8 had our own love of squirt guns that we get to reminisce about as we read this.

Also, the onomatopoeia of Whoosh on the cover (and the spread inside) are fantastically fun for all ages. My daughter and I spent tons of time on that page, opening the flap and seeing the result of the Whoosh coming from Lonnie’s brilliant and fun invention.

The STEM side of me really loved seeing how a natural engineer thinks as the story starts with Lonnie as a kid where he loved to explore how things works.

We also learn how Lonnie was such an important part of NASA missions

Finally, it was very interesting to see the struggle, It can be so difficult for creatives to convince others of the power of their inventions, and Lonnie took it upon himself to do that not only in his job, but also in his personal life, so that he can not only help make amazing discoveries in outer space but also bring fun home to kids, too!

The best thing was I was just wondering recently how people come up with inventions of kids toys, and now I got to learn about one of my favorites: how squirt guns were invented.

Thank you Chris Barton, Don Tate, and Charlesbrige for bringing this great story to life!

I hope you all get a chance to read this book. If you haven’t, please tell me in the comments why you’re excited to read it, and if you have, tell me your favorite part!

tree coming out of book



Kaitlyn Leann Sanchez

8 thoughts on “February Nonfiction Picture Book Feature for NF Picture Book Challenge 2020: Whoosh! Lonnie Johnson’s Super-Soaking Stream of Inventions

    1. Me too! But this challenge is not for NFFest, this is actually for the WHOLE YEAR! My goal is at least one nf pb every month, so far, so good! I’ve actually read a lot more, but haven’t posted them all. I should do Ramen next month, we really loved that book!


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