Prize Announcement Spring Fling Kidlit 2020

Hi Spring Fling Kidlit participants,

Ciara and I are super excited because we have finalized the prizes for Spring Fling Kidlit 2020! 

gif of people dancing


We’re ecstatic to have 18 super generous prize donors!!!

present opening and pouring out prizes


There are…

    • 2 agents offering manuscript/query critiques

    • 2 wonderful courses/webinars offered by their highly established creators

    • 14 authors, illustrators, and author-illustrators offering manuscript and/or dummy critiques for picture books and middle grade novels


Do you want to know who these amazing prize donors are?


Make sure to subscribe to this blog because each week we’ll be revealing the prize donors in our Prize Donor Feature series!


How can YOU win one of the 18 wonderful prizes listed above?

Enter into the Spring Fling Kidlit Contest of course!

The basics: 

If you want to enter in the Author category, find a spring-themed gif, and in 150 words or less write a full story (beg, mid, end) the appeals to kids 12 and under, and post it on Ciara’s blog between April 7th and 9th 2020.

If you want to enter in the Author-Illustrator category, create your own spring-themed gif, and in 150 words or less write a full story (beg, mid, end) the appeals to kids 12 and under, and post it on Ciara’s blog between April 7th and 9th 2020.

(If you need help creating a gif, check out the tutorials in this post.)

Want to know more? See all the rules here.

Starting April 10th Kaitlyn and Ciara will check out all the entries and narrow it to the top pieces in each category (Author-Illustrators and Authors). Then we’ll contact the winners and let them select their prize.


Please share, share, share! Share on Twitter. Share on Facebook. Share on Instagram. Share with your critique partners!

And in the comments below, share how excited you are to participate in the #SpringFlingKidlit Contest this year!

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Kaitlyn and Ciara

17 thoughts on “Prize Announcement Spring Fling Kidlit 2020

  1. How DO you DO it?!?!?
    I am BEYOND excited for another opportunity to learn and connect through one of your amazing contests!! Thank you so much!!
    Woot woot!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks Kaitlyn and Claire. It sounds great!
    I believe, since I received this email, that I’m already registered for the Spring Fling? And should the entry be math-relayed or is any general topic welcome?


    1. Great questions! If you got the email you are in fact subscribed–yay and thank you! The submission page will be on Ciara’s blog so make sure to subscribe to that, or mark you calendar to go there between April 7th and 9th to post your entry. The only theme you need is spring. Math is always cool, but definitely not a necessity for the contest 🙂


  3. This looks like great fun! My birthday is on the first day of spring. Does this mean that, no matter my age, I’ll always be a “Spring Chicken”?

    Liked by 2 people

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