Happiness during these times

Hi all,

I wrote this little poem this morning when cuddling with my sweetie:

My Happy Place

by Kaitlyn Leann Sanchez

heart drawn on window
Photo by Rahul on Pexels.com

Pitter patter pitter patter.

I hear her breath and
inhale her scent
against the backdrop
of rain
on the

My heart swells,
in my happy place.

I hope in this time of quarantine and school closures that people are finding solace in the fun things they can do.

We are enjoying cuddles, reading, watching YouTube, coloring, dancing, cooking, writing, and video chatting with Grandma and Grandpa.

What are you doing to make the best of these times? Please share in the comments.

If you’re a writer or an author-illustrator, you can work on your Spring Fling Kidlit entry. Check out the prizes here.


Resources of things you can do at home

Writer stuff you can check out:

Renee LaTulippe’ Peek & Critique – learn all about rhyme and meter (make sure to subscribe)

Meg LaTorre’s iWriterly – great info on publishing


If you have kids, here are some awesome resources

Tara Lazar is doing a daily noon EST live reading

But Why Podcast for Curious Kids – great discussions with experts about things kids really want to know because kids ask the questions!

Mindshift – interesting ideas and discussions about education

Bright Book Readers Resources


Recommendations from my three-year-old

Kiara with big glasses on

Besides playing blocks, instruments, pretend, coloring, and reading, here are Kiara’s favorites:

Preschool Prodigies – this is one of our favorite things to do as a family at home any day, if your child loves music, definitely check this out (there’s also a free app)

Brain Candy TV – a wonderful learning resource using monster trucks and Lizzy (a sweet dog). Check out this Solar System Scale Model video in particular. We love all these videos, but this one was especially cool even for hubby and I.

Baby Joy Joy – fun learning videos that my daughter is watching and interacting with right now (there’s also a fun app we love)

Happy Kids TV – if you have a Roku, this is one of our favorite channels, from Princess Poo Poo and Meeko nursery rhymes and number songs to learning with Badanamu, it’s one of our favorite resources

Little Pim Language Learning – kids and parents alike can learn languages from French to Hebrew with this wonderful free resource

Babybus – fun learning channel (there’s also an app that we love)

Dave and Ava – interactive songs and games for kids (there’s also a great app)

Okay, I could go on and on about stuff Kiara loves, but I’ll leave it there. Remember to share in the comments what you’re doing during these times and share any cool resources.



Kaitlyn Leann Sanchez


14 thoughts on “Happiness during these times

  1. Love all of these resources, Kaitlyn. More than that, I love that you are sharing how we can take advantage of this opportunity to connect with people in a different, yet rewarding…and also how we can celebrate this enforced, yet welcome additional time and somewhat slower pace with our children.

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  2. LOVE this sweet poem, Kaitlyn 🙂 Such a simple, precious image…makes me think of my granddaughter. I told my son, when he texted me and apologized for all the times he ever “haunted” me because she must be doing it to him (she’s 2 1/2). I told him the “haunting” isn’t what sticks and, even though it can be trying, to make this period in time a “lemonade” time and see the blessings of spending that much more time with his wife and daughter. I wish I knew what she was doing! She’s absolutely adorable, BUT …she’s 2 lol Stay well and enjoy all that cuddling 🙂

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      1. Thanks, Kaitlyn 😀 It was fun and much needed. She got “wild,” but I think it’s also part of the nature of the distancing from the people she’s normally around more often. And there was that little heartbreaking moment seeing her eyes well up when she said “I want to hug her” talking to me and my parents (as far apart as possible!) and made believe she was. *sigh* We can get through this, and honestly, right now the thing that’s stressing me (and likely everyone else) is this incubation timeline where you could think you’re OK, then 2 weeks pass and you get slammed. THAT’s what is the most frightening, along with the incapacity of hospitals, their lack of ventilators and all without proper Federal support. Aaaaaagh! Stay well, my friend…BIG hugs!

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