Debut Author Interview and Giveaway with AJ Irving about her picture book Dance Like a Leaf

Hi Math Is Everywhere Readers,

We have an extra special interview today with author AJ Irving about her beautiful debut picture book beautifully honoring grandparent relationships, Dance Like a Leaf.

Kaitlyn: Hi AJ, to start off, can you share what inspired this story?

AJ: This story traveled straight from my heart to my pen. My grandma and I were very close. I visited her in Montana every summer growing up. We were also pen pals all my life. My grandma always signed her letters the same way:


Keep writing!



The last letter I wrote her was the inspiration for DANCE LIKE A LEAF. I went on three walks the day I learned my grandma’s life was nearing the end. It was a gorgeous autumn day. I brought a notebook with me on the third walk to write her a letter. This is the first paragraph of that letter:

 I’m walking beneath a tree tunnel of yellow, orange, and red. It’s your favorite season and your story is nearing the end. Tears slide under my sunglasses and skip off my chin. You loved fall the most. Painted trees. Scarves. Hot tea.

I read the letter at her service. So many folks told me how much they were moved by my words. That’s when I knew I had to write a picture book for her. 

Kaitlyn: I totally teared up reading that. I agree with your grandma, you are a born writer. For this book, I love that you mix beautiful descriptions with a great story, how did you decide what descriptions to include?

AJ: Thank you, Kaitlyn. The descriptions just came to me. This story didn’t change very much from the first draft to the final book. My first draft poured out of me just like the letter did. I have a huge collection of scarves. I call them my “rainbow of scarves. This spread makes me tear up every time:


Nearly naked trees shed the last of their leaves.

Grandma’s bed is empty.

Our teacups sit in a tidy stack.

Our scarves hang like a rainbow, quiet but vibrant.

Kaitlyn: Stunning, that’s all I can say, stunning. If your own grandma was able to be with you when you received the first copies of your beautiful book, what do you think she would say/do?

AJ: First, I think she would hug me and cry happy tears. Then, we would put on fun hats and go out for tea and dessert to celebrate. My grandma had a huge sweet tooth. We always had dessert. She is the reason I love cheesecake, tea, and big hats. I am sure she would say that she was proud of me for following my dream. Her lifelong dream was to be a published author, too.

AJ’s Grandma in a fun hat!

Kaitlyn: I love that she always inspired you and continues to, plus hats and sweets, she sounds like my kinda girl! You mentioned at your book launch that you never thought to query this story to agents because it was too quiet, can you share what prompted you to send it to Barefoot Books?

AJ: I participated in Twitter pitch events often. I pitched all my polished manuscripts, even the ones I wasn’t actively submitting to agents. I pitched DANCE LIKE A LEAF in #KidPit on Twitter in 2018, and received a heart from my editor. I never expected this book to be my debut book.

Kaitlyn: Wow! That shows that you should always put your work out there! Love it! Can you share how you got your agent?

AJ: Quite a few exciting things were finally starting to happen when I submitted to Jordan. I sent her an LGBTQ manuscript. In my query letter, I mentioned that I was working on a revise and resubmit with an editor, another editor was interested in my LGBTQ manuscript, and that I had just received an offer from Barefoot Books for DANCE LIKE A LEAF. I submitted to Jordan on a Friday morning. She responded the same afternoon, requesting more work and to schedule “the call.” I did a happy dance in the middle of the library. Jordan and I chatted the following Monday. I knew immediately she was the agent for me. 

Kaitlyn: I got the chills; what an awesome how-you-got-your-agent story! Do you have any advice for up-and-coming writers?

AJ: My motto is dream big and never give up. My three publishing Ps are passion, persistence, and patience. There will be a lot of nos along the way, but it only takes one yes. Over the years, I have seen so many of my kidlit friends sign with agents and get book deals. I happy dance for them every single time. 

Kaitlyn: Yes, never stop dreaming, put in the work, and celebrate, celebrate, celebrate! I love it! Okay, final question about the story, what do you hope readers get out of this story?

AJ: I hope DANCE LIKE A LEAF shows children and families that there are beautiful ways to remember loved ones after they are gone, and that they never truly leave us because they live on in our hearts, memories, and traditions. 

Kaitlyn: That’s absolutely beautiful. Any chance you can share a bit about what you’re working on now?

AJ: I am working on a queer girl picture book. My agent also recently sent me an idea that I am excited about. It made my heart smile that she thought of me for this project. 

Kaitlyn: That sounds amazing, especially working on a story from your heart and your agent knowing you so well that she shared an idea with you; that’s so awesome–go Jordan! Finally, if you could spend a day with your favorite author or illustrator, would you sit by a fireside and chat or go out on an adventure together?

AJ: I would LOVE to meet my mentor, Laura Gehl, in person. She is very adventurous! I think we would be great camping buddies. I picture a day of hiking, canoeing, and fishing. Laura adores chocolate so I imagine we would end the night sharing s’mores around the campfire. 

Kaitlyn: YUM! That sounds awesome, and Laura is so cool; I bet you ladies would have a blast together! Thanks so much for joining us today, AJ, and congrats again on your beautiful book!

Dance Like a Leaf Book Info

BOOK DESCRIPTION: As her grandmother’s health declines, a young girl begins to lovingly take the lead in their cozy shared autumn traditions. Poetic prose paired with evocative illustrations by Mexican illustrator Claudia Navarro make for a beautiful celebration of life and a gentle introduction to the death of a loved one.

Author Bio

Every autumn AJ Irving remembers her grandma by sipping tea, painting trees and dancing under falling leaves with her two children. She writes picture books and poetry on her big back porch in a little town near Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

AJ Irving grew up in Boise, Idaho, writing stories and daydreaming about becoming an author. Now, she writes picture books and poetry on her big back porch in a tiny town near Jackson Hole, Wyoming. AJ reads kidlit every day and dances every chance she gets. Her debut picture book, DANCE LIKE A LEAF, released from Barefoot Books on August 21, 2020.

As an author and former bookmobile librarian, AJ is passionate about inspiring children to read. She received a B.A. in journalism and women’s and gender studies from the University of Oregon. AJ is represented by Jordan Hamessley of New Leaf Literary. 






Kaitlyn’s review of Dance Like a Leaf

Dance Like a Leaf is stunning on all levels. The imagery, story, and art are all absolutely gorgeous and  heartwarming. I cried reading this beautiful progression from having fun with an exciting, vibrant grandma to dealing with grandma passing away to finally remembering and celebrating the inspiring woman that the child loved so much. Everyone should get a copy of this book to celebrate the wonderful relationships between kids and grandparents.


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Thank you all for reading and sharing and supporting authors by buying, borrowing and reviewing their books!


Kaitlyn Leann Sanchez

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57 thoughts on “Debut Author Interview and Giveaway with AJ Irving about her picture book Dance Like a Leaf

    1. What a lovely story and memories! I hope my granddaughters will remember their good times at Camp Nana Nancy with as much love as you have with your grandma, AJ. Thanks, Kaitlyn, for a sweet interview.


  1. What a beautiful, heartwarming book! I relate on so many levels. My mother loved scarves and had a gargantuan collection. I kept all of them. And, I also inherited her sweet tooth and love of hot coffee and tea. Will add to my Amazon cart and make a note to request to our library, when they open up purchase requests again. Will be glad to retweet with a comment. Best of luck to AJ!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks for this great interview! I teared up reading it and am so looking forward to seeing and reading this book. It has everything I love – fall, grandmas, lyrical language, and lots of heart. It’s on my Amazon wish list!!!
    Congratulations, AJ!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. it brought back such fond memories of my grandma. Children and adults are sure to connect with your story. Sounds wonderful! Congrats!


  4. Thanks for this interview, Kaitlyn! Congratulations, AJ on this beautiful book! I can’t wait to read it and just put it on my library list (they already have a copy!) I added it on my Goodreads to-read list.


  5. I wish I had a grandmother like the one who inspired AJ’s beautifully written book. Yes, my grandmother loved taking walks in the woods with me, and yes she and I were pen pals, but I’ll bet I’m the only kid in the world who received her letters back, corrected with a red pencil. Many years have passed, and I’m able to look back and smile at how much she cared. I’ve added the book to my Amazon cart, and I’m looking forward to enjoying both the story and the beautiful illustrations.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I love the watching the relationship my daughters have with my mom. My oldest has started a birthday shopping tradition with her Nunu, but due to Covid they couldn’t do it this year. Instead, the FaceTimed while online shopping 💗 I love the sound of this special story about an inter generational relationship.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. As someone who never had grandparents, this book will be an emotional read for me. Your review and others on Goodreads (I gladly added it to my TBR) convinced me I will love this book.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw I’m so glad it convinced you! It’s hard not even knowing your grandparents. I only met my paternal grandpa and my parents moved into next to an older couple and they informally adopted my sister and I as their grandkids, so I was able to have the full grandparents experience despite both of my grandmas and one grandpa being gone before we were born. I hope you also found a special family that filled that void and can honor the with this book


    1. I’m so glad I read this post. I’ve been seeing this book mentioned on various sites and never took time to read because I thought it was a book about dancing.
      But now I know what a beautiful story it is and so poetic. I definitely want to read this.

      Liked by 2 people

  8. Such a good interview, Kaitlyn. And AJ, I had chills when I first read this because my brother-in-law died two months ago suddenly. Afterward, I started writing a story about grief. It poured out of me like no other story before. I hope someday it will be a book and help children the way your beautiful book is helping!

    Liked by 1 person

  9. AJ, you know how much I love your gorgeous book, and this was a wonderful interview. I’ve added it to my Amazon wishlist, reviewed it on GoodReads, and requested it at Denver Public and Anythink Libraries. Thanks so much for continuing to provide amazing content on your blog, Kaitlyn! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  10. This sounds soooooo sweet. I love intergenerational stories with grandmothers. I added Dance Like a Leaf to my Goodreads “Want to Read” list.

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  11. What a beautiful, beautiful story AJ. Gentle books like this that help us remember loved ones are so important. I love the image of the swirling, dancing leaves around grandma. Congratulations and can’t wait to get a copy for our library.

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  12. What a beautiful moving book. The interview brought tears to my eyes. I’m a grandmother, but I still have such wonderful memories of my grandmothers. They will always live on in my heart!


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