Jazz-Quick Write

Hey all,

I put on some jazz before I started writing tonight, and this little ditty came out.

I hope you enjoy ❤️

Doo-buh-doo, doo-buh-doo—

The music drifts up from the streets below.

Jazz band

Skee-ba-dah, skee-ba-dah—

She feels the beat deep inside.

Bah-dah-hum, bah-dah-hum—

Rising, she dances about the room.

Soft orange light flooding in from the street. Bright yellow flashing off and on like she’s the star on a giant stage.

When the sun comes up, she wakes, like every other day.

She dresses and straightens her name badge before heading to the diner.

With every order, she dreams about the night before,

in her cramped apartment,

all alone,

on the stage she imagined.

6 thoughts on “Jazz-Quick Write

  1. Your words are like music! This is lighthearted but yet the same time, triggers deep thoughts…Your writing always mesmerizes me.

    Liked by 1 person

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