Kaitlyn Sanchez and her journey to get an Agent!!

My first ever blog interview!❤️
Thanks, Ana, it was such a blast chatting with you.

Ana - The Teacher and the Writer

Inspiration. 🎉🎭🎨💡📕

Kaitlyn knew she wanted to be a writer since she was a little girl, but she started her writing career when her super cute daughter Kiara turned one.


Kiara and Mom, two big inspirations.

I have my daughter and two amazing women to thank for leading me down this wonderful path of writing children’s books.

It all started with my mom. One day, she was listening to me sing a funny song I made up for my daughter, and she said: ”You should write children’s books.” Not long after, my friend, Sarah, who was in the honors college with me back at Fresno State, asked friends on Facebook to give her feedback on her children’s story idea. The mixture of all three things—my mom’s encouragement, my friend’s inspiration, wanting great math picture books for my daughter—is what got me going.

Kaitlyn is a children’s book writer who…

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4 thoughts on “Kaitlyn Sanchez and her journey to get an Agent!!

  1. Fun interview! I’m glad to read your story–congratulations on your acquisition of an agent and all the awesomeness to you on your journey to being published. Um, also, can’t wait to review your math book someday. 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much; you’re so kind. And omg that would be so amazing for you to review it someday—ah! that makes it seem so much closer to being real. I really hope publishers love it as much as Rebecca and I (and my CPs) do😁

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  2. I loved reading this interview and getting to know you even better Kaitlyn. You are such a hardworking and talented writer. I love your stories, can’t wait to read them with my daughter.

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